PLEASE READ: Board Pruning, Conduct, and Forums List

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PLEASE READ: Board Pruning, Conduct, and Forums List

Postby admin » Wed Sep 14, 2005 11:03 am

In the past 24 hours, I've done the following:
- Installed SQL management software to allow me to backup and restore the forums, as well as run various queries on the contents/users
- Backed up the entire forums database
- Pruned topics older than 180 days from the General, Moving Finger, Pop Culture, and Suggestions libraries. This has cut the post size roughly in half and the overall database size from 34MB to 21MB.
PLEASE NOTE: This will be repeated occaisionally so if you have a "long running" post you may want to start a new one to avoid it getting the axe

The following is a list of the forums here as well as any notes about purpose, conduct, etc:

General - for any discussion whatsoever. No special conduct (aside from the overall conduct rules). Pruned with a 180 day limit.
Webderlanders - for people to introduce themselves to the community. No derogatory comments about people. No fake/gimmick posts. Never pruned.
Pop Culture - for discussion of movies, tv, sports, etc. No special conduct. Pruned with a 180 day limit.
The Moving Finger - comments, examples, and help for budding and experienced writers and those interested in the craft. Copyrighted material allowed with the author's permission and all copyright holders. Pruned with a 180 day limit.
S.P.I.D.E.R. Commentary - moderated discussion of HE's work. IN NEED OF A NEW MODERATOR AS YOU DROVE THE LAST ONE BUGFUCK. No flaming or personal attack. Moderator will set conduct rules in addition to these. Not pruned.
KICK Internet Piracy - Obsolete. forum to discuss HE's suit with AOL. Forum locked now, no new posts.

Suggestions - suggestions for the forums and website. No special conduct. Not pruned.
Sooper Sekrit Board - my board to discuss private board/website issues that for whatever reason I do not choose to present to the general public. Populated by an illuminated conspiracy of ancient bavarian seers. Not pruned.
Webderland Support Group - Private forum used by a network of website visitors who wished to exchange personal and contact information. User base locked. No special conduct. Not pruned.
Admin - Private board and Website administration forum. Used for forum and website issues. Not pruned.

The following are not allowed in ANY forum:
- Advertisements for products or services
- Pure flaming/insult messages
- Pure racist/hate messages
- Copyrighted material
- Illegal material

Let me make this clear - you are welcome to be as pleasant or cantankerous as you like, but direct insult and other grade school behavior will not be tolerated. In addition, do not "shit up" threads by coming in to make a post that merely takes a off-topic dig at one of the posters or otherwise derails the thread.

If you reply to a post that obviously breaks these rules (for example, a spam advertisement), your post is subject to deletion when if the thread is deleted. Don't reply to obviously rule-breaking posts.

Violation of any of the above rules is grounds for whatever actions I or the moderator feel appropriate - from removing the offensive material to suspension of your posting privileges to outright banning.

The forums moderator is Steve Barber ("barber"). Try to not bother him with petty foo-fah.

If you have any overall complaints or suggestions, please contact ME via e-mail at Don't bother barber with stuff like that. Do NOT use the private message function, I HATE PRIVATE MESSAGES. E-MAIL.

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