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Pavilion Digest: April 2007

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 2:27 am
by admin
The following posts contain Art Deco Dining Pavilion messages for the month of April 2007.

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 2:27 am
by Ben
Name: Ben Winfield
Source: unca20070528.htm

I'd just like to thank you again for your toenail clippings. They arrived in the mail today, and I'm going to seal them within a display case as quickly as possible. I'll treasure them forever.



Thank you Mr. Harlan Ellison!

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 5:31 am
by Aprile Pazzo
Name: Aprile Pazzo
Source: unca20070528.htm
Dear Mr. Ellison:

Not wishing to wake youa so early in this morning, I write quickly thisa note to say once more, thankyou so much for allowing my small press to be the first to print your new collection of stories, I SOGNI CON NESSUNI DENTI.
(I'm afraid I don'ta know the English translation).
As you know, this means huge financial benifito for my company -- especially since your American publisher wont print their editon until thisa time next year!

Bravo, Mr. Ellison! Bravo for your generosity!
Ms. Aprile Pazzo

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 6:45 am
by Jan
Name: Jan
Source: unca20070528.htm
Ms. Pazzo: "The Dreams With No Teeth"??? I'm a bit confused.

Lei certo che questo sar il titolo? Forse capisco male, ma il mio dizionario lo traducerebbe "con denti aguzzi". Cordiali saluti.

Harlan: Sent a brief & simple query regarding their plans to the editors of TCJ a while ago, got no response & have no verified access to their well-guarded forum yet.

Benjamin: If you make Ellison clones, make one for me too.

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 7:45 am
by Jan
Name: Jan
Source: unca20070528.htm
Oh I get it. Sorry for double posting.

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 8:31 am
by Barney Dannelke
Name: Barney Dannelke
Source: unca20070528.htm
Speaking for myself I was stunned to see Mr. Groth issue such an extensive apology AND offer to cover all costs. What an olive branch to wake up to on this particular morning.

- Barney Dannelke

Countheclock, PA.

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 8:54 am
by Moderator
Name: Steve Barber
Source: unca20070528.htm

Barney -


Ah, fudge.

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 9:03 am
by Moderator
Name: Steve Barber
Source: unca20070528.htm
Yeah. Just looked at the calendar. %$#@ me.

Ellison v AOL Makes the Internet Safe for Free Porn

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 9:28 am
by CEP
Name: CEP
Source: unca20070528.htm
Well, not "safe," exactly, but a MAJOR decision from the Ninth Circuit last week cites our work in Ellison v AOL extensively.

Perfect10, Inc., v. CCBill LLC, No. 04-57143 (9th Cir. 29 Mar. 2007)
URL for PDF file:

The Court follows the same organization in making its decision that we did in our brief, and extensively (and repeatedly) refers to the Ellison v AOL decision on several aspects of the case. I'm not going to try to describe the claims, the infringements, etc. here; I'm just thanking those who supported the Kick Internet Piracy Fund (either with cash or even just good wishes) by noting another, ironic effect of their support.

The Internet Is For Porn.

NOT NOT NOT an april fool's day entry

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 9:37 am
by Harlan Ellison
Source: unca20070528.htm
I realize I'm taking my sanity in a sieve by even POSTING a real thing today, as alla you jackanapes and rigadoonmesiters cavort midst the Palm Sunday pranks. at least making it clear this is NOT a gag, permit me to pass along to you the advisement I received a short time ago from one of my attorneys:

Apparently, Mr. Groth, not content to let the case go where it shall go, has raised yet again his partner-in-arms, the Brit novelist, Mr. Christopher Priest, to attack me (wearily, once again) on the matter of the more-than-30-year-old "felony" of my not having produced THE LAST DANGEROUS VISIONS soon enough to quell his outrage at my originally having rejected him from TLDV way way back in the day. Apparently, in a reprise of his life's work--i.e., to humiliate and excoriate me on a matter that is no concern of his, to begin with--Mr. Priest will be decrying me from the stage at the next World Con (or somesuch venue) in Japan. One wonders why it is beyond these gentlemen to laud the good offices I expended to bring forth the two bestselling sf anthologies of all time, DANGEROUS VISIONS and AGAIN, DANGEROUS VISIONS, merely to feed their twisted hatred of this poor ole Jew from Ohio.

Well, just thought I'd pass it on. It serves to leach off the bile that is momentarily produced. I'm all cheery again.

Yr. Pal, reminding you that the foregoing message was NOT an April Fool's Day folderol, Harlan

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 10:05 am
by Harlan Ellison
Source: unca20070528.htm

You forgot to mention, as you did when we talked, two cheery significant additional points that made me smile.

1) Despite people like Cory Doctorow (a big supporter of all things internet) (and now, according to Groth's list of supporters, a Friend of Fantagraphics) having been convinced I would lose the AOL matter, and/or that my winning would be the Ruination of Freedom on the net, though our prevailing did in fact close down usenet, this is something like the twelfth major adjudication in higher courts that has used MY CASE to better codify the nebulosities of the Digital Millennium Communications Act and tame it just a skosch less above the level of Young Wild West. Though a polite apology and perhaps a "you were on the right track, and we were an unnecessary pain in your butt as you were fighting to make this A Better World" (or something similar) would fall on fertile soil over here, I don't expect a graciousness of spirit from those so selfishly self-blindered, even when their defeat and my victory now redounds repeatedly to their benefit.

(Isn't it a shame, according to The World According to Groth, that I'm so "irrelevent.")

And 2) ... uh, now I can't remember what 2) was. Serves me right for not getting straight to the point, and not lurching off to blow my own silly horn. But, you know, gang, when they have spent four years -- or close to thirty in the case of Groth and Priest, et al -- chiding and belittling and harrassing and baiting, it just feels GOOD GOOD GOOD to be able to point to unassailable evidence that you AREN'T an asshole, no matter how hard they try to prove you ARE an asshole. So, while I recognize that such trumpeting is silly and unnecessary vainglorious, aw hell, kids, EVERYbody is reduced to that 7-year-old nyaah nyaah once in a while. I don't ask to be forgiven the sophomoric behavior, but I beg your understanding.

(What the hell was point number 2 ... Charlie ... anybody ... ?)

Yr. Grinnin' Like an Idiot Pal, Harlan

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 10:21 am
by Alan Coil
Name: Alan Coil
Source: unca20070528.htm
Steve Barber posted:
" Ah, fudge.

Yeah. Just looked at the calendar. %$#@ me."

Barney = funny.

Steve = sucker.

Sorry, Steve, had to say it. ;)

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 11:07 am
by Pat Gilson
Name: Pat Gilson
Source: unca20070528.htm
I laughed, I cried, I whooped with sheer delight at the dazzling verbal pyrotechnic displays and, as a consequence of recently re-reading HARLAN ELLISONS WATCHING, I am now happily reacquainting myself with the timeless pleasures of films as disparate as The Train, Sleuth and Mickey One. Just off to the DVD store now for a Terry Gilliam double feature, Brazil and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, both of which I caught when they were originally released (if only barely) as a result of HEs enthusiastic nay, rhapsodic recommendations in his MAGAZINE OF FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION film column. WATCHING collects many of HEs F&SF pieces as well as earlier exercises in film criticism culled from the pages of CINEMA, STARLOG and other publications. It contains some of his most insightful and heartfelt writing. Rages against the Hollywood machine interspersed with keenly analytical pieces on a debased zeitgeist that produced such idiot child cultural artifacts as Gremlins. Critically acute commentaries on the films of Ken Russell and David Cronenberg followed by a Breughel-like word-portrait of Hollywood As New Garden Of Earthly Delights recounted in your piece on The Daisy nightclub. Marvellous, informative and provocative stuff, Mr. Ellison, demonstrating a wide and note-perfect range! Was curious if a second WATCHING volume might be on the cards some day. I understand there are post-1989 F&SF film essays that remain uncollected as well as film-related pieces published elsewhere.

Again back again, or something

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 11:30 am
by Gunther Schmidl
Name: Gunther Schmidl
Source: unca20070528.htm
I thought I'd have the time and energy to keep up here a while ago; I didn't. Now is a better time, and so once again I am, I hope, back. I'm not even going to ask what all I missed, but here's two things I feel I need to mention anyway, since at least one concerns what I hope wasn't a misunderstanding and/or perceived rudeness towards Mr. Ellison:

One, some (long) time ago, I mailed you several copies of the European release of "A Boy and His Dog". You asked, kindly, what to send in return, and I posted a response that I'd prefer for you to pick and choose, listing the books I had. Since then, given the lack of a reply, I've been worried that this response offended you, although the rational part of me keeps telling the irrational part that surely you'd have ripped me a new one in that case. I hope you can clear this up and put my mind at rest.

And two, I hope I didn't miss whatever you wanted to get around to saying about my favourite line in your work ("They will spend their days like the waves from Africa...", as I'm sure you remember); if I did miss it, and anyone could point me to where to find it, that would be great. If I did not, this is -- again -- not supposed to be an attempt to shame or pressure you into a reply.

Whew. That said, looks like it's a good time to be back (a link to 'Dreams with Sharp Teeth' having been the trigger).

So. Hi everyone. How've YOU been?

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 11:57 am
by robochrist
Name: Rob
Source: unca20070528.htm
Tom Morgan,

That is known as my inability to type FP (Forbidden Planet) when I'm in a rush.