Pavilion Digest: September 2008

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Pavilion Digest: September 2008

Postby admin » Sun Aug 31, 2008 10:50 pm

The following posts contain Art Deco Dining Pavilion messages for the month of September 2008.

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What's at stake

Postby DTS » Sun Aug 31, 2008 10:50 pm

Name: dts
Source: unca20080913.htm
KOS: I'm not a believer in the Truman Doctrine or the idea of covert ops (in order to install a "better" government in...pick a country) that Reagan and his gang championed so blatantly. But when you ask, "...what stake do we, the USA..." have in the future of other countries (small or large) around the world, I would have to say that the most obvious answer is a 100 percent stake. We certainly shouldn't invade nations, and we certainly shouldn't declare wars based on lies. Nor should we think that ours is the sole repsonibility for watching over the rest of the world. But we are _all_ citizens of the same planet; and to ignore everyone else and say their fates don't matter to us is not only unneighborly, it's short-sighted and miserly.

As long as you -- and others -- have the heart to wish for someone who can make a difference, effect a _real_ change, in our country and its future, then the same compassion and desire for better lives and a better future has to be extended to your fellow men and women. Those in other countries as well as our own. Otherwise, why bother?

What's at stake is the "soul" of mankind.


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Postby Peggy » Mon Sep 01, 2008 6:28 am

Name: Peg
Source: unca20080913.htm

Thanks for the shout out, I'm fine. Actually nowhere near Houston. Been away for a work conference and then a few days vacation up north so I'm missing all the (not) fun.


FinderDoug, ret.

Postby FinderDoug, ret. » Mon Sep 01, 2008 6:41 am

Name: FinderDoug, ret.
Source: unca20080913.htm
HARLAN - Just saw your post - I've been off the grid for the most part since Thursday night. Might even acquire a taste for it. It's quiet here.

Actually, Amazon has the wrong release date; I'll cop to paying it forward, but I went with the information I had. Mea culpa.

Instead of the $40, just drop a couple of bucks in postage on an envelope, tuck them inside, and send 'em back if you don't need 'em. I've got Ellison aficionados on this end who don't have one and Christmas is coming. Everyone wins.

AND stop masticating crow already. The chewing sound is really beginning to detract from my quality of life.

KEITH - If the ACND copies don't work, I'm expecting you to perform the film yourself, kabuki style, or perhaps with sock puppets. We'll find someone to accompany you on guitar. For legal reasons, you will need to call it "A Reasonably Artistic Interpretation of a Memory of a Film by Erik Nelson that I Saw and Wanted to Screen, But For Technology". You will also be serving all the food before-hand, just because.

ALL - This only affects a few of you, but Finder Doug is retired from active searching, beginning this morning. All extant lists are null and void and will be disposed of in the Big Blue Bin. I'll keep the moniker, kinda like an old painted sign for dry goods on the side of a building since repurposed, fading and harder to read with each season; but really, the whole enterprise has lost its zazz as a Fun Thing to Do and Make.

And now, back to off-the-grid-dom...

Iain Cullen


Postby Iain Cullen » Mon Sep 01, 2008 7:28 am

Name: Iain Cullen
Source: unca20080913.htm
Many thanks for the information Susan.
I'll definitely be joining HERC, although may need to wait for a month or so.

Cheers, Iain.


The Internet Is For Porn

Postby CEP » Mon Sep 01, 2008 1:11 pm

Name: CEP
Source: unca20080913.htm
Harlan's various efforts to deal with internet piracy have proven yet again an essential part of making the 'net safe for porn. You may have heard about a recent decision in a lawsuit filed by IO Group, a distributor of porn films, against Veoh. Here's a good article that doesn't have an axe to grind: ... harmf.html

When I read the actual opinion, I had flashbacks to 2002, when I was writing the appellate briefs against AOL. Not only does the Veoh opinion cite Ellison v. AOL extensively, but the other main case that it relies on (CCBill another porn case) is also founded on Ellison. That was certainly gratifying to this landlocked shark. The flashbacks, though, came from Magistrate Judge Lloyd's opinion... which is organized almost identically to that brief that John Carmichael, Bridget Connelly, and I created (an organization that the 9th Circuit did not, itself, adopt in its opinion).

Since Our Gracious Host is a fan of irony, I'll also point out that it's pretty obvious that Veoh had also read the brief... because it took several steps that we outlined as necessary in the brief, but were not covered in the 9th Circuit's opinion. And, thus, the "infringer" used our pro-copyright-holder opinion to turn back claims of infringement by a different copyright holder.

And for your viewing and listening pleasure, here's a celebration on YouTube that is complex enough to provide a truly wonderful question for a law school exam on copyright:

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Postby tardis59 » Mon Sep 01, 2008 1:45 pm

Name: David Ray
Source: unca20080913.htm
Attention Webderlanders/Flying Blue Monkey's in the Puget Sound area: Safeway has Hydrox cookies!! $5 for two packages. I damn near cried when I saw the display. I grew up in a Hydrox home, so, I'm very happy that they are once again available. Hopefully, the taste will be the same.


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Harlan Ellison
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Postby Harlan Ellison » Mon Sep 01, 2008 2:42 pm

Source: unca20080913.htm

I have known a plethora of truly, inarguably, outstandingly brave and courageous people in my time. I have been incredibly blessed in that way; and as object lessons to me, from my youth, on a close PERSONAL, non-abstract (Lindbergh, i.g., Babe Ruth, Paul Revere, Harriet Beecher Stowe, et al) cultural-icon way.

All the ladies and gentlemen and children of color with whom I marched, for them in the face of certain death, Selma-to-Montgomrey...

Members of The Deacons who fought the KKK...

Leo & Diane Dillon...

Dave Stevens...

Christopher Knopf...

Tim and Andrea Richmond...

Cindy, from right here at Webderland...

But I had no trouble speaking The Appropriate Name, the instant I read your query. The most courageous person I know is

David Gerrold.

Respectfully, Harlan Ellison

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DWST inquiry

Postby JohnFord » Mon Sep 01, 2008 2:54 pm

Name: John Ford
Source: unca20080913.htm
Hi Unca Harlan,

I'd like to talk our local film bunch (Olympia Film Society) into screening Dreams - if they have the good sense to listen to me, who do they contact regarding booking??

and thanks... just 'cause.


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Harlan Ellison
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Postby Harlan Ellison » Mon Sep 01, 2008 3:13 pm

Source: unca20080913.htm
One more brave name, a man I knew, arrived a tad late in my brain:

Larry Adler

(and if the name means nothing to you, look him up. Virtuoso harmonica artist. Friend of Gershwin, Darius Milhaud, Paul Robeson, and on and on. Played concerts--harmonica!!!!--at Carnegie Hall, La Scala, with the London Symphony. Wrote half a dozen books of memoir that are, to this day, mesmerizing. He was blacklisted in the United States, lived out his last years in London, and was olympian witty, urbane, so cool he made, say, Cary Grant look like a schlub. If you have never heard one of his albums, I BEG you to hie thyself hence!

Brave man. Courageous. Fought back against the fucking HUAC blacklist. World famous wonderful man, died just a few years ago.


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Harlan Ellison
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Postby Harlan Ellison » Mon Sep 01, 2008 3:22 pm

Source: unca20080913.htm

That's what I am given to understand this moronic internet world was created to do: answer your question.

This far-less-than-obscure bit of information, more than enough to gladden your li'l pixie heart, can be found in a dozen or so different links; or simply by scrolling back day-after-day, right here. It's called, I believe, a FAQ in idiotspeak. If this were the Real World, and you wanted a piece of such easily accessible information, why, you'd just go to the Public Library, or pick up a phone and call a Real Person, such as I.

But look around, kiddo. Sloth induced by the internet is unbecoming in a man of your age and sagacity.

Charmingly, Harlan Ellison

Dennis C
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Sundry Stuff

Postby Dennis C » Mon Sep 01, 2008 3:26 pm

Name: Dennis C
Source: unca20080913.htm
Bunch of unrelated items maybe of interest:

Mentioned for Dr. Watson in the Guy Ritchie Holmes film starring Robert Downey Jr. is Russell Crowe! Might be interesting. But how does Crowe feel about Downey basically ridiculing him in TROPIC THUNDER?


Borrowing this from the blog of Moby, a musician (and liberal) -- he said to pass it around:

john mccain is on wife #2. he divorced his current wife after she had an accident.
he admits that he was cheating on wife #1 with wife #2 when wife #1 was in the hospital.

obama is on wife #1.

this disturbs me: john mccain called his wife a cunt. oops, to quote senator mccain, 'a cunt'. he lost his temper
in public and was recorded saying to his wife, 'at least i don't plaster on the makeup
like a trollop, you cunt.' this is the same wife who has bought him his homes and lets
him use her private planes.
(note, 'trollop' is ye olde english for 'whore').

people talk about obama's experience being similar to sarah palin.
well, obama was the head of the harvard law review, then he was a civil rights
lawyer and a community organizer in chicago, then he spent 7 years in the illinois
state senate. now he is currently serving his first term in d.c as a senator from illinois.

sarah palin was a runner up in the miss alaska beauty contest, a member of the pta, a member of the wallis chamber of commerce(pop. 5,000),
the mayor of wallis(pop. 5,000), and is currently in her first term as governor of alaska.

political discourse doesn't need to be rancorous(unless it's funny).
it does sort of drive me crazy when republicans spout un-truths in order to criticize
obama('he's a muslim and a socialist!'...again, he's neither).
if you disagree with someone's political philosophy, fine, then don't vote for them.
but spreading lies and mistruths doesn't end up serving anyone very well, especially
when the mistruths are so egregiously wrong.

mccain is more conservative, obama's more liberal. mccain is anti-choice, obama
is pro-choice. mccain has said that he could see u.s troops being in iraq for 100 years,
obama wants to bring them home sooner. mccain wants to make bush's tax cuts(which
primarily benefit the wealthy)permanent, and obama wants to cut taxes for the middle
class and the poor and raise taxes for the wealthy. mccain voted against legislation
that would help women earn equal pay, obama voted for legislation that would help
women earn equal pay. and so on.


I'm enjoying the frenzy around Palin's 17-year-old daughter pregnant out of wedlock: White Trash White House.


Finally: we know about Blood Diamonds, but how about Blood Chocolate? Apparently, children are being forced into slave labor (either by kidnapping or by their parents selling them into it) in Africa to work in cocoa fields. Nestle, Mars and Hershey all fought to stop legistlation that would regulate slave-labor chocolate.

Here is an article on it: ... essay.html

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Harlan Ellison
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Postby Harlan Ellison » Mon Sep 01, 2008 3:42 pm

Source: unca20080913.htm
I should probably apologize to John Ford for my snarky reply to his perfectly civil query, but since Erik Nelson has rushed in quickly and exchanged e.mails with Mr. Ford, thus taking care of business "boots on the ground," I will just skulk back in my crankiness and allow decent folks to tread on without my rancor.

Feh, on the lot of ya.


Rob Ewen
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Larry Adler

Postby Rob Ewen » Mon Sep 01, 2008 3:50 pm

Name: Rob Ewen
Source: unca20080913.htm
If you want to hear Larry Adler bring warmth to the cockles of your heart, try and get hold of GENEVIEVE, a 1953 UK film starring Kenneth More. An uplifting example of the British spirit in action, and Mr Adler's harmonica contributes about 40% to that feeling.

Not a week went by without one of his letters appearing in the London Evening Standard newspaper. An 'honorary' Brit, much missed over here.

Rob E.

M Jacka
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On Courage

Postby M Jacka » Mon Sep 01, 2008 6:47 pm

Name: Mike Jacka
Source: unca20080913.htm
Asked for the most courageous person I know, I was stymied. I have known people who stood up for what they believed. I have seen people weather underserved pain and indignities. But as I thought about those individuals, I knew that they didnt necessarily see themselves as courageous. Instead, they did the things they did as a result of who they were not from a sense of courageousness.

Which makes this all interesting. There are many descriptions we can bestow upon ourselves. We can describe ourselves as a leader, or humorous, or compassionate, or as a romantic, and we dont think of that as too self-aggrandizing. But no one who is taken seriously will claim to be courageous. I like to think that, put to the test, I would be courageous. But I dont think Ive been put to such a test. For yourself - in that secret part of yourself you refuse to ever reveal - do you think of yourself as courageous? And for those we see as courageous (those we see as having succeeded when put through that test), I am sure they do not describe themselves as courageous. In fact, they may not even think they have yet been put to such a test.

A manager I worked with was put in a situation where he was forced to report his boss (a very close friend) to the executives of the company for violating state regulations. (The details would bore you.) He knew his friend would be fired immediately, and it was an extremely unpopular decision with many of his co-workers also close friends with his boss. He had the courage to not only step forward with the allegations, but to first do the right thing and approach his friend, explaining the actions he would have to take. I overheard someone later complement him on his courage. He looked at the individual as though he was speaking a foreign language. It was a look that expressed his confusion that anyone would think what he did involved courage. He indicated it wasnt courage; it was just what he had to do. He didnt realize he had faced the test and passed it.

No one thinks they are courageous they just do what they have to do.

Maybe that is courage a combination of knowing the right thing to do and then going ahead and doing it. Think about that person you want to nominate as the most courageous person you know. Ask yourself if that person would describe him or herself as courageous. Or, was that person just doing the only thing they knew to do.


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