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John M. Landsberg, M.D.

His health

Postby John M. Landsberg, M.D. » Thu Apr 30, 2009 2:49 pm

Name: John M. Landsberg, M.D.
Source: unca20090603.htm
Hear ye, hear ye, all Netizens who gather here...

He has heard your cries and lamentations, and because He loves you so well, He has sent me, His only (okay, not only, but ya gotta stick with the verbiage) Quack, to speak unto you and quell the raging fires of concern that feed upon thy hearts and minds.

Ok, silliness aside, Harlan wants everybody not to worry, nor be in the dark, and so he asked me to explain his medical status. I have therefore, mere moments ago, obtained recent data from his hematologist (blood specialist), Dr. Julie Dunhill (who, in addition to being an outstanding and highly respected medical specialist, was also captain of the gymnastics team during her senior year at Stanford. Irrelevant, of course, but way cool).

I have not been following the threads here, so I'm not certain what the major concern is, but I take it that Harlan's anemia has been setting off the greatest number of alarms, and so I will address that with ease. He is, for all intents and purposes, NOT anemic at this time. Yes, he has been anemic, but on April 28 his hemoglobin level was 13.5, which puts him only half a gram of hemoglobin below the lower limit of the normal range, and that is an inconsequential difference.

BUT, you insist, what about the fact that he has been anemic recently? Well done; you ask good questions. The answer rests in a few possibilities, but I will tell you that he is not lacking in iron, nor in vitamin B12 (both necessary for forming blood), and that he is not lacking in the proteins necessary for carrying iron in the blood.

Is it likely, then, that he is having a problem actually forming new blood, such as from an abnormal function of the bone marrow (where most blood is formed)? To this I say ABSOLUTELY NOT, although an investigation of this possibility has been suggested. However, it would be only if his reticulocytes (the brand new blood cells just coming out of the bone marrow) are bizarrely few that we would then entertain any real suspicion of a bone marrow problem, and might then consider the possibility of checking the bone marrow. This is NOT currently planned. At this time, however, the reticulocyte count is still pending; I will let you know when I get it.

This still won't have put all of you off from the last-posed question -- why has he been anemic recently? -- and so I will add that the answer may never be found. Anemia is often transient and unexplained. The human body does lots of things that it has its own reasons for doing, and if we didn't happen to do some arcane test at just the moment the body was doing such a thing, we would never even know about it.

I know I haven't addressed all possible questions, nor have I suggested all possible answers. But I hope I have allayed some of your concerns, and I will post again when I can say more.

Let me suggest something that can help a lot: Rather than posting about these issues, and asking Harlan and Susan to respond to medical questions which are, after all, not in their area of expertise, let's clear this discussion of the whole topic, and email me directly with any questions you have. I will answer your email, and any question I think the whole community would like to see (or if you so request) I will copy here as a new post with my reply.

I hope this helps. Good health to all.


Roger Gjovig
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Postby Roger Gjovig » Thu Apr 30, 2009 2:57 pm

Name: Roger Gjovig
Source: unca20090603.htm
I had seen the "Earth" movie narrated by James Earl Jones and was wandering around the mall getting some exercise when I stopped at Barnes and Noble to look around. I was wandering in the fiction and science fiction section when I see Emissaries From The Dead and Third Claw Of God by Adam-Troy Castro. I have enjoyed the stories I have read that he has written, so I figured it was a sign that i was supposed to buy them. They looked interesting.

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Do you hear the bell?

Postby Moderator » Thu Apr 30, 2009 3:21 pm

Name: Steve Barber
Source: unca20090603.htm
(Somewhere out there, a Doctor just got his wings.)

Thank you Dr. Landsberg, for being so generous to us. We worry, needlessly most of the time, about our Unca Harlan, and I think, maybe, just maybe, he appreciates that.

As we appreciate *your* indulgence.

(There is no truth to the rumor that Harlan is surrounding by a bunch of bleating old ladies, no matter what the evidence may be to the contrary.)

JASON DAVIS - Info passed along, and appreciated by those to whom it were conveyed.

Rick Ollerman
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Postby Rick Ollerman » Thu Apr 30, 2009 4:12 pm

Name: Rick Ollerman
Source: unca20090603.htm
You drink your Kool-Aid, Frank, and I'll drink mine. That's all it is but it's more fun if you don't have to admit it. Which is often the problem with political discussions and just one reason we're doomed to produce endless diametrically opposed theories that aren't worth the one-upsmanship of discussing.

You don't want to make a comment without a putdown, that's up to you, but I don't think I'll be visiting you in the forums. I can read the same crap you do and still disagree with you and that's enough. I don't even have to try to feel smarter or better than anyone to do it.

You have a nice day, sir.

Dennis C
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Thanks Doc!

Postby Dennis C » Thu Apr 30, 2009 6:26 pm

Name: Dennis C
Source: unca20090603.htm
Thanks for the info, Doc! But maybe you shouldn't be giving out your email to us. You know, I'm not feeling so great... maybe I should send you a list of my symptoms.

You know us Webderlanders, we loves us our email...

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Postby shagin » Thu Apr 30, 2009 6:47 pm

Name: shagin
Source: unca20090603.htm
Thanks for the update, Doktor! Muchly appreciated. And don't listen to most of what Harlan says about us. He only tells the truth when he's saying something nice...


Hubby and I donated our time and sweat to help a friend in need today. For all the rancid (and I do not use the term incorrectly) conditions, it was worth the effort if only to know she can breathe a little easier.

That's what friends are for.


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Postby MichaelRapoport » Thu Apr 30, 2009 7:15 pm

Name: Michael Rapoport
Source: unca20090603.htm
Thank you, Harlan - you know us, we worry - and best wishes for continued health. And thank you, Dr. Landsberg, for helping to keep us updated.

Brandon: No, I haven't been disappointed in LOST this season at all - it continues to engage, excite and sometimes infuriate me. And I've seen it speculated that the "inconsistencies" of the type you cite are actually not that at all, but rather little hints that something is amiss with the very fabric of the reality we're being shown. This is, after all, a show where characters have been trying to alter the timestream.

Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Jensen, who covers LOST with the devotion of the truly obsessed - that's a compliment - has some musings about the matter here, in the midst of a very long recap of this week's episode:,,1550612 ... _4,00.html

Now, do I really believe that these seeming continuity glitches are all part of Lindelof and Cuse's master plan? Dunno yet. But I do think they know what they're doing, and where they're headed, and that they're making a tremendous effort to tie everything together.

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Pardon for second post, but it's HE related

Postby shagin » Thu Apr 30, 2009 7:22 pm

Name: shagin
Source: unca20090603.htm
I came across the link below while checking up on two of my pieces at _Jim Baen's Universe_ (yeah, I'm trying my hand there as well; the slush editors are wonderful, insightful, and don't pull punches). Mike Resnick mentioned Harlan as a stellar example and in fine company to boot.

I want to tatoo the article on the inside of my eyelids, right under Harlan's words to the wise about writing.


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Rick Keeney
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Postby Rick Keeney » Thu Apr 30, 2009 8:38 pm

Source: unca20090603.htm
i find it a challenge to be stressed whilst perusing a website crowned with a dancing fucking hamster in a goddamn top hat.

i am calm as a...very calm sommat.

so there,

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