Dark Shadows, the Motion Picture

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Dark Shadows, the Motion Picture

Postby kevinkirby » Thu Jul 03, 2008 7:52 pm

Here's one to hear about, if one hasn't already: another big screen stab at Dark Shadows, Barnabas and all the rest (well, mostly all, as it's only a three and a half hour feature--I wish) in a special-effects extravaganza.

Well...maybe not...but it's got to be a good follow-up role for the lead, after chewing up all the scenery in that most recent period piece.

Dark Shadows. I remember catching glimpses of it, on and off in the sixties, through much younger eyes and on much smaller screens. Where would we all be today, without a '60's-era soap opera that operated in a territory of Universal Horror and dread?

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