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Days of the Proto-web

Postby kevinkirby » Wed Oct 22, 2008 6:58 pm

Aiee gads; I just found an old, 1995 cd-rom magazine called Blender (still around today--on paper and online) in a used bookstore's $1 bin. Check out their groundbreaking style and format: ... =6#blender

Where would the internet be today without search engines? Can anyone imagine trying to peddle such a magazine/disc--essentially a simpleton's website, made with the most primitive freeware--on newsstands today?

I guess the true wonder, from today's perspective, lies in the subsequent rocketing of a hypertext inter-net, based on financial hopes raised by such things as the Blender cd-roms. And again, without the appearance of search engines, one can imagine such a site simply rotting away on the vine, its only visitors being those who happened to find a URL in print, or in a news stand cd-rom.

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