Everyone Should Try a U-tube

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Everyone Should Try a U-tube

Postby kevinkirby » Thu Dec 11, 2008 3:12 pm

It isn't impossible for somebody with no internet account(s) -- living in a garret in The Shambles -- to put together a piece on Youtube. Don't let them tell you otherwise. Even though it still appears unlikely that video attachments can be made on emails sent from coffeeshops over a pocket pc, last night it was proven that uploading can be done from a recycled VAIO using only the ambient wireless signals proliferating throughout one's room, however humble that may be.

Here's the resulting video, (which completely surprised me today, since it didn't seem to have completed its transfer before I pulled the plug on it) ---


Basically, it records a stroll to golden gate park. But when was made? 2008...or 1908?

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