Pavilion Digest: July 2009

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Pavilion Digest: July 2009

Postby admin » Tue Jun 30, 2009 10:45 pm

The following posts contain Art Deco Dining Pavilion messages for the month of July 2009.

Andrew Fuller

Three-lobed and more

Postby Andrew Fuller » Tue Jun 30, 2009 10:45 pm

Name: Andrew Fuller
Source: unca20090706.htm
Dorman: Thank you for following up. We are as cool as a summer basement, better yet the root cellar. And good luck with your house move. (The writer-me agrees with your rant, too often demands on a soapbox that every story deserves pro rate -- but more often submits to small publications that print impressive stuff. And the editor-me is ashamed that I cannot offer big bucks, continuing to bookbind by hand and refusing to include advertising. In both writer and editor roles, my love for the craft of short fiction sometimes seems limiting. Indeed, I keep retreating from the second novel ms. to indulge so.)

Harlan: Thank you for your sagacious advice. There is no more potent fuel for my gut than that from one I admire.

Lars: You're correct, it is Three-lobed. No tossing or hurling of optical organs implied. Just the multi-lobed variety. And striving not to be HPL fan fiction.

MAXIFRIEND: We are alongside you with a testudo of support and good wishes! Please ask if we can help. May you come through unscathed.


Brian Phillips
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The Maxifriend Support Across-Tic.

Postby Brian Phillips » Wed Jul 01, 2009 12:49 am

Name: Brian Phillips
Source: unca20090706.htm
May your ethics,
Always stay free of
Xenophbic bias,
Irritable reaction and,
Folding too easily.
Renew the moral strength,
I know you to possess. If,
Ellison supports you, we give,
Nary a thought to,
Doing the same.

Brian Phillips

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Postby Adam-Troy » Wed Jul 01, 2009 4:01 am

Name: Adam-Troy Castro
Source: unca20090706.htm
(Shaking head) I have never, ever, EVER gotten offended by anybody saying that my book was on their "to-read" shelf. I understand and approve of such shelves. Nor have I ever gotten offended when somebody said that to me more than once, months apart, with my book not seeming to drift anywhere near imminence; or when they said one year that my book was three down on the beside end-table and one year later, not realizing my long memory, that it had actually descended to number four. As writers, even writers with a personal claim on the eye of any particular reader, we're members of a crowded cocktail party, each shouting for the chance to relay our favorite anecdotes. It's HARD to be popular.

That said, I'm currently reading an ARC of HARBINGER by Jack Skillingstead.


I don't necessarily say no to low-paying markets, but it helps if I know the folks involved and have sympathy with their endeavor. That's howcome I twice ended up in HELIX. But, otherwise...I tend to hold on to my stories and hope for better opportunities, a stratagem that has worked for me, a number of times.


A number of pressing questions about Governor Mark Sanford.

1) Governor Mark Sanford says that his mistress was his "soul mate" but promises that he will try to reconnect with his wife. Why? I'm not saying that adultery is proper, but if the other woman is indeed his soul mate, as opposed to a mistress of convenience, isn't everybody -- including his children, with whom he can attempt to reconnect after a divorce -- better off if he stops living a lie?

2) Governor Mark Sanford says that his mistress was his "soul mate" but also says that he has "crossed the line" with several other women. So wait a minute. He cheated on his wife AND his soul mate? What kind of scumbag cheats on his soul mate?

3) He has said that "the line" he crossed with those other women does not necessarily mean sex. Is this something like "depends on what the definition of 'is' is?" How close to actual sex did he come, when crossing this unspecified line? Did he, like, meet with one of these women in some anonymous motel room, put on some mood music, rip off her clothes, nibble on her ear, talk dirty, throw her on her back, climb on top, and THEN say, "Bye"?

4) Even if his cover story had held water, what kind of governor would he be, leaving his office for a wilderness adventure without making arrangements for a means to contact him if his State suffered an emergency? What would we think of Charlie Crist in Florida if a major hurricane destroyed Tampa and it took several days to find out that he was in Spain, running with the bulls?

5) As Governor Sanford struggles to hold on to his position, his reputation, and his family; as he paints his transgression as a moment of human weakness that should not reflect on his capacity to serve the voters who placed him in high public office; as he urges us all to forgive him and says that he will not disappoint us again, will it occur to him that only the worst hyopocrite in the world could now fail to offer an apology for the things he said about President Bill Clinton?

6) Rush Limbaugh has blamed Sanford's infidelity on the demoralizing effect President Obama's handling of the economy had on so many of Sanford's party. I'm not kidding. He's actually said this. To Limbaugh, even Sanford's open fly is Obama's fault. But since Sanford's affair began in early 2008, when Bush was still President, Wall Street was still intact, and Obama was still neck-and-neck with Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries, was Sanford a clairvoyant, seeing headlines a year ahead of time? Are we expected to believe that Sanford was sitting by himself one day and said, "You know what? A year from now, I'm going to have some difficulties with the party in power, so I really oughta fly off to South America and get laid?" And while we're at it, isn't it fun to watch the gyrations so many pundits and politicians who spent years at Bill Clinton's throat must now perform to say we really shouldn't make such a big deal about the extramarital activities of another southern governor?

Jim Thomas

Postby Jim Thomas » Wed Jul 01, 2009 4:36 am

Name: Jim Thomas
Source: unca20090706.htm
A-T C: Heh. At this point, I have a "to read" book case. (It seems that every time I go into Barnes & Noble, they have a Buy 2, Get 1 free sale, and I feel a moral imperative to partake.) I've always felt that your library should be as much about where you want to go as where you've been. I'll be finishing Silverberg's Nightwings today or tomorrow; next of is Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination.

Do not attempt to make sense of the Mark Sanford situation. If the man wishes to retain any shred of dignity and self-worth, he'd quietly resign. It all boils down to "He let Little Mark tell Big Mark what to do". Frankly, I don't think it was the type of immigration reform the Republicans had in mind.

Of *course* Limbaugh is right--no one ever committed adultery until Obama took office. No one ever abused drugs, either. Yet I know people who hang on his every word (or worse, hang on to Gen Beck's every word).

Mike Valerio - For Your Eyes Only is definitely worth seeing. Octopussy and A View to a Kill, not so much. The Bond girls are stunning, but beyond that, the only thing they have going for them is that their themes songs are not as retchingly putris as Die Another Day.

M Jacka
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Postby M Jacka » Wed Jul 01, 2009 5:35 am

Name: Mike Jacka
Source: unca20090706.htm

Do not speak too harshly about this specific quote from Governor Sanford. Yes, there are many other reasons to question the governor, and many of his statements just add questions (and nothing here is meant to even remotely defend what the governor has done or is doing). But the quote you have provided shows a man who may be trying to come to grips with having done something horribly wrong. It may show a man who has found a somewhat parallel story that he can turn to for hope. It strikes a chord with me. Shortly after my divorce from the wrong woman (I am in my 27th year with the right woman), I was trying to come to grips with what such an incredibly stupid decision meant to me personally. And I actually thought about the story of David and Bathsheba. Why did David do it? (Why did I do it?) To quote a famous man, It seemed like a good idea at the time. And Davids good idea went much more horribly wrong than mine.

Good ideas go bad, and when they go bad we all search for something to ensure us we will get out of it. Ive seen many posts on this site where people have mentioned quotes, stories, and readings that have helped carry them through. It doesnt matter the source fiction, non-fiction, gospel, comic books it just matters that there is a truth that helps you get through. Davids story has a message that there is forgiveness (internal or external, depends on if you want to call the story fiction, non-fiction, gospel, or comic book your interpretation may vary Im not passing that particular judgment here) and it is an important thing to remember. No matter how stupid you are, you can go beyond it and do good things. Im not saying the governor means it, and Im not saying he has really come to grips with how screwed up he is right now. Recovery time from a good idea gone bad can take a long time.

What I see in the quote is the potential (emphasize potential) that this man is struggling in the dark trying to find his way. Yes, he has made other statements that lead to questions. But if he is truly deep in the recovery phase, he is still making many mistakes. And, because he is a public figure, those mistakes/statements are out there for all of us to see. Having made a bad choice (okay, a number of bad choices), he may actually be trying to find his own personal redemption. And, we have to be careful that we dont play dog-pile on the rabbit - pouncing on every word, phrase, sound bite, and quote as an excuse to point fingers in shock and outrage and secret joy. We come close to becoming the enemy by using their own tactics.


Richard Halasz

Low Water Mark Sanford

Postby Richard Halasz » Wed Jul 01, 2009 5:39 am

Name: Richard Halasz
Source: unca20090706.htm
Mr. Adam-Troy Castro!

If memory serves, and it always does but it never waits, the Myrtle Beach area has more golf courses than any other part of this country. Combine the bottom line action of that game with the Governors' inability to cope with his Nostradamusitis and the people of South Carolina will surely understand why they may have paid for transportation, communication and other costs associated with this adultery in the land of cloth.

And 'crossing the line' means different things to different people. A line to one may be a hazy horizon to another. Maybe crossing the line to Sanford means he never asked Senator John Ensign to join the tryst by finding employment for his Argentinian 'hiking partner' at faith-biased initiative offices.

In the meantime, a plush garden would supplant the Gobi and the Sahara with the rank mix of bullshit emanating from Sanford and his spiritual advisors.

And I'm very much enjoying the irony of how the dna of the Wooly Mammoth has more relevance than the right-wing radio run republican party.
Much more important than that stuff, I hope your father forges a full recovery.

Richard Halasz

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Postby Jan » Wed Jul 01, 2009 5:54 am

Name: Jan
Source: unca20090706.htm
Bwuian Siano: You are correct this one time. Though I'm not offended, I must say your preoccupation with trivia borders on the sick. I was so transfixed by Joe Don Baker's performance I barely noticed, nor do I care, who it was that commented so arrogantly on his art. Joel is just as evil as Nelson. The early Baker was a most underrated performer and I mentally cast him as the hero in every one of Harlan's stories ever since I discovered him.

Mark, did I call you Mike last time? I meant you. (It's two names I always mix up.) You should ask Joel why they wanted Harlan in prison and, if they haven't changed their minds, make them sign the petition. There have been too many jokes about it and too little action.

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Stone Casters - Apply Within

Postby steveperry » Wed Jul 01, 2009 6:32 am

Name: Steve Perry
Source: unca20090706.htm
I'm not the guy to leap to Republican defense -- it's always fun to watch somebody who stakes a claim on the high moral ground squirm when it becomes known he's renting a place somewhat farther south and much warmer. When Rush talked about putting those nasty dopers under the jail, the reek of hypocrisy took the paint off the walls. But, still ...

Half the married men in the country have -- ah -- stepped over the line vis a vis their marriage vows and more than a few of them have gotten caught. Remember Wild Bill? Wetting a cigar is not sex, nor is whatever is staining that blue dress? Oh, please!

Yeah, yeah, this makes payback ever so much more fun when a holier-than-thou R trips; I'll admit to cackling when one is caught in a bathroom stall or a motel and starts to sound like Porky Pig when he tries to explain, but it's more for that reason than anything.

We all liked to see Spock laugh, didn't we?

(I didn't care what Slick was doing with his willie -- he wasn't screwing me, nor, in my view, the country, so it was between Bill 'n' Hill. Nor was it a major surprise that he *lied* about it when he got caught. C'mon. If you are willing to do it, you are willing to lie about it, and being put under oath won't make a difference.)

The old saw says there are only two things worth writing about, if you are attempting fiction -- love and death. To that, one might add a dash of redemption. We in this country do enjoy to see the mighty fall, but, if they are contrite enough, and willing to roll on their backs and show us their bellies, we are also fairly quick to forgive.

We aren't talking Nixon here. Sanford, who is obviously something less than the sharpest knife in the drawer, is floundering about for a life raft and in so doing, has splashed enough to drive any close enough out of reach. He is gonna drown, and yes, he shoulda thought about that when he flung himself into the sea; if you can't do the time, don't do the crime -- unless you are OJ or Baretta ...

We all make mistakes and some of them we get to slide on. They don't get blown up to silver screen-size and shown around the world. Of course, that's the risk when you put yourself into the political fish bowl, but even so, there probably aren't a lot of folks who drop round here who risk getting hit by a motor boat when they go out to collect the morning paper. Certainly it ain't me, babe.

Some mistakes, we have to pay the man, and Sanford is paying. It's fun street theater, but what he's done isn't really Art, is it?


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Postby FrankChurch » Wed Jul 01, 2009 7:49 am

Name: Frank Church
Source: unca20090706.htm

KOS, believe me, I will be watching every jot and tittle you post from now on. When I see an error, I will jump like a junebug on a blade of new grass.

Love ya skittles.


Mayhew, watch it. You must have forgotten that Chomsky is an anarchist and a linguist.

I will be watching you too. My red pencil will be dribbling monkey blood.


"We are all prisoners, it's just that the bars are spaced real wide."

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Postby markabaddon » Wed Jul 01, 2009 8:16 am

Name: Mark G
Source: unca20090706.htm
Steve Perry,

My apologies, but I am forced to disgaree with you slightly on the Mark Sanford situation. It is not a question of casting stones, but rather of condemning blatant hypocrisy. Sanford was completely over the top in his condemnations of Clinton's affairs. To quote Sanford:

I think it would be much better for the country and for him personally (to resign). I come from the business side. If you had a chairman or president in the business world facing these allegations, hed be gone. Sanford on Clinton, The Post and Courier, 9/12/98

The issue of lying is probably the biggest harm, if you will, to the system of Democratic government, representatives government, because it undermines trust. And if you undermine trust in our system, you undermine everything. Sanford on Clinton, CNN, 2/16/99

Even setting aside his comments, there is the issue of fraud. He used state money to fly down to Argentina repeatedly to dip his wick, so to speak. I would strongly disagree that this is a question of a marital infidelity that became public, this is a violation of the public trust, a misuse of public funds for private benefit, and he should be removed from office for this offense.

I am sorry, but I do not see any real points of comparison against what Bill did.


Richard Cohen

City on the Edge of Forever --- Versions

Postby Richard Cohen » Wed Jul 01, 2009 8:19 am

Name: Richard Cohen
Source: unca20090706.htm
I'd be grateful if someone would explain
what the relation is between the "City on the Edge of Forever" script
published in 1976's SIX SF PLAYS (ed. Roger Elwood) and the one
in Harlan's 1996 C-ON-THE-E-OF-F.

Is the '96 script one of HE's later 1966 drafts and the '76 earlier (the first draft?) --
or was the '76 a cut version of the one printed later -- or what?


Apart from a number of minor differences, some scenes in the '96
publication are noticeably longer:

--- Kirk, Spock & the Guardian discuss Time & the problem of Beckwith
(#44 pp143-146 {1996}
compare the equivalent portion of the same scene #43 pp59-60 {1976}

--- the Tri-corder is consulted
(#59-60 pp156-162 {1996}
cf. with #58 pp73-74 {1976})

Other scenes in the '96 also have a bit more:
#70 (more tricorder & waiting-for-beckwith - see pp175-6) {cf #67}
#81 (about the beer truck - see pp193-4) {cf#76}
#118 (longer epilogue - see pp222-3) {cf#114}

and #76 is not in the '76-script at all, where the tight-shoes incident
is only spoken of, rather than depicted.

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Ezra Lb.
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Postby Ezra Lb. » Wed Jul 01, 2009 8:54 am

Name: Ezra
Source: unca20090706.htm
My favorite Joe Don Baker performance was as CIA agent Darius Jedburgh in the wonderful British mini-series EDGE OF DARKNESS from 1985.

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Postby Doc » Wed Jul 01, 2009 10:22 am

Name: Doc
Source: unca20090706.htm
Too often, we don't get the seeming luxury of liking the decisions we have to make. It is, however, possible to make decisions that allow us to live with ourselves. I believe that, being a friend of Harlan's and of this Pavilion, you possess the fiber and character to make the right decision.

Go get 'em, Champ - give 'em hell...

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Robert Morales
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re: Ethics

Postby Robert Morales » Wed Jul 01, 2009 10:48 am

Name: Robert Morales
Source: unca20090706.htm
Whenever I'm faced with an ethical dilemma, I ask myself, "What's the classiest thing I can do here?"

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