Getting Frozen Out

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Getting Frozen Out

Postby K. M. Kirby » Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:49 pm

I've noticed recently, in certain online photo-hosting places, that certain types of pictures will cause a variety of browser-seizures and complicated plug-in issues that lead to hours of start/restart attempts, cache-clearing, control-alt-delete bailouts, etc.

It only happens with a particular type of image and appears to be un-crackable.

Somehow, after hours of i-shenanigans and hocus-pocus browser finagling, a couple of pictures made it up onto flikr before the clampdown occurred. I was actually surprised to find them there when I went back, after restarting and reconnecting to the wireless here (in a coffeeshop) but I must admit that this interfacing has gotten the better of me.

I'm out of here. This thing is ka-put!

See if any of this makes it across: ... 861560581/

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