Hypertext Departure Point


Navigating within this project is a fairly easy matter. Buttons within each individual page will alternately move you one major node forward or backward. You can, of course, always use your browser's navigation buttons as well.

If you click on this picture, in the subsequent pages, you will be returned to the Hypertext Departure Point (this screen). Numerous links within the project, denoted by fuchsia colored text or graphic borders, will relocate you to related passages elsewhere in the text as well as other points of interest. The hypertext landing pads they move you to will be denoted by sea green text or graphic borders. You may also return to the title page or reinitialize the project.


The following list is a breakdown of the primary nodes of the project. You may begin with the Introduction, or you can dive in wherever you choose. If you would rather dispense with the assorted links and additional graphics and read the project in a more traditional, linear fashion, I Have No Hypertext, and I Must Scream, will present a no-frills version of the text.

  1. Introduction
  1. Luddite 2000: The Role of Technology
  1. AM the Father, Ted the Son
  1. Textual Synaesthetics
  1. The Alpha and the Omega (graphics intensive!)
  1. The Play's the Thing
  1. Seduction in Semantic Space
  1. Conclusion
  1. Bibliography

Yahoo! - Arts:Humanities:Literature:Genres:Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror:Authors:Ellison, Harlan serves up yet another set of links, some of which are replicated here.

The Linköping Science Fiction Archive: Ellison, Harlan gives some additional biographical information through the course of a book review.

I have no mouth, and I must scream provides a good deal of information about the game.

Harlan Ellison Webderland: The Harlan Ellison Homepage is by far the best Harlan Ellison site on the Internet, and it exists with the direct permission of Ellison (even though he has no way to access it). Ellison Webderland also maintains a rather comprehensive listing of all sites, however tangentally related, to Ellison.

Some additional links appear in the bibliography.

Photo: Christer Akenberg / Sweden