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Dear Roddenberry's Ghost
- Sunday, August 2 2020 12:28:15

As the Ghost of Gene Roddenberry, are you still as much of a womanizing drunken pothead and cokehead as you were down here?

Ghost of Gene Roddenberry
- Sunday, August 2 2020 10:39:10

Dear whoever, nah, once you get up here you forget quickly about all the blather and bloviation down below...ESPECIALLY about anything you did for kopecks. Harlan is one of the crew now, and if we even bring up teevee shows, which we don't, it's just for a chuckle at ye chowderheads who made them into such a biggie in your lives.

Dear Roddenberry's Ghost
- Friday, July 31 2020 21:48:12

Ever since he's been there, has Harlan been giving God an earache and a migraine, whining and moaning, bitching and pissing, about how Roddenberry rewrote his "City of the Edge of Forever" script?
Does God really give a damn?

Ghost of Gene Roddenberry
- Friday, July 31 2020 5:40:59

Hip hole and hupmobile
You wish, pallie. Actually as I pen this little missive, old Harlie is sitting here right now with me and Dez Arnaz in the Great Beyond Bar, drinking his Shirley Temples without the cherry while the Cuban and I pound the rickies and do our usual Friday morning grab-assery. All is well up HERE - it's down there in the alley that things look a little faded. Roust yourselves, wombats! How long can you dumpster-dive, really?


The Galloping Gourmet
- Thursday, July 30 2020 20:23:5

Ellisonian Chilli
One pound of Gene Roddenberry, half a pound of William Shatner, followed by some Adrian Samish and Gary Groth. Mix well and cook. Some mighty fine eating!

- Thursday, July 30 2020 11:29:46

Anybody got the recipe for Ellison's execellent chili?

That's EARY tale, not ESRY
- Wednesday, July 29 2020 9:21:53

I should have stayed in bed today...

That's Esry TALE, not TILE
- Wednesday, July 29 2020 9:20:35

I made a faux pas, which is French for screw up!

An Eary Tile
- Wednesday, July 29 2020 9:18:59

I've got an obstruction in my left ear. How do I get it out? ?

Matt <stalepie@outlook.com>
GA - Wednesday, July 29 2020 8:53:55

Review of "Jeffty Is Five" by Marvin Flores

largo, fl. - Tuesday, July 28 2020 19:37:9

Saw a list of Border Patrol poundage seizures...
How do you get hooked on pills? What a gruesome life experience.I remember HE texting advice on allowing a junkie back in trust,don"t do it was his advice.

Couldn't DO It, Could You?
- Monday, July 27 2020 8:31:24

I thought not!😁😁😁

- Sunday, July 26 2020 1:36:18

Name ten world famous SF writers who were shorter thsn Little Harlan! Can you DO it? Can it BE done? Given his overall stature, how big do you think his you know what was? Bigger than Milton Berle'sss??

Again hey, RN!!!
- Sunday, July 26 2020 1:8:29

Are you the same RN as in RN: THE MEMOIRS OF RICHARD NIXON? Boy, was he a crook! Had a funny haircut too, although no one seemed to notice it at the time...

Hey, RN!
- Saturday, July 25 2020 19:11:9

What about Burr.....???

I should try that if I ever lose.my job...
- Saturday, July 25 2020 19:9:16

"Now you can help me get a hot meal and keep a roof over my head..."

- Saturday, July 25 2020 17:8:37


Moi? I asked you not to feed the troll(s), and you vanished (can't blame you), then "they" multiplied.

And okay, I did strew a few crumbs at "one" of them -- my bad! --
but the harm had already been done by that point. And we had already lost most of the "named" contributors well before then. One problem with the 90s-era interface on this joint is that users can (mis)behave as they did then, with even less supervision. At least the garish color scheme was changed, but that was probably the last upgrade we can expect.

The Return of the Cynic
- Saturday, July 25 2020 9:21:18

"Now You Can Help...!"
Did you ever notice that when they say "Now You Can Help!", as in "Now you can help Harlan Ellison KICK internet piracy," it doesn't meen that you will be asked for your thoughts and ideas and considered an important member of the team. Rather, it means that you can have the dubious privilege of sending them as money as you can, that you will never get back, while keeping your mouth shut. And that's ALL it means!

Dear Perry Mason...
- Saturday, July 25 2020 9:4:40

Is it true that Raymond Burr was as queer as a three dollar bill??

Robert Nason <nightwriterblue82@gmail.com>
Whitestone, New York - Saturday, July 25 2020 1:25:25

Stork -

Sorry, but you're wrong. There was no need for the Pavilion to fall apart once Harlan died. The Harlan Ellison Facebook page is filled with posts by people who are invariably thoughtful and polite. And all of them post comments under their own names, or at least names that are not obviously fictitious. Why can the Facebook page do what the Pavilion can't? It's because of the people. That's always what it comes down to. It's people who made the Pavilion an enriching and exciting experience, and its other who have made it dross. Once Harlan died, the trolls seemed to feel they could insult his memory and act like fools without his unforgiving eye judging them.

I have no shame about my own posts. Everything I've posted has been under my own name, and I think if anyone looks at my comments from the last 2 years, or the last 5 or 10 years for that matter, they will see that my posts have been for the most part substantive and civilized, carefully written and at times even witty. I take some measure of pride in that.

Mr. Nason........
- Friday, July 24 2020 21:40:28

If your mother and I hadn't smoked that mongoose poop that night, you might not be here today!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😁😁😁😁😁

The Stork
- Friday, July 24 2020 21:27:48

Why so serious?
The Masked Bishop is spot-on. We all saw it coming soon after Harlan vacated the scene. He provided the juice, the unity; he was the linchpin. After that was pulled, ploop!, the first wheel fell off.

Then the remaining wheels fell off "the vehicle" in the ensuing two years after his death. Even some of your stuff, Roberto, comes off as twaddle.

hey nason---!!!
- Friday, July 24 2020 11:39:36

some of my best friends are mongoose poop!!!!!!!

Us Bastards, or should thst be We Bastards?
- Friday, July 24 2020 1:9:14

Any time! What are friends for???

Robert Nason <nightwriterblue@gmail.com>
Whitestone, New York - Thursday, July 23 2020 19:35:49


Masked Bishop, Prickmaster, Heh, Me Again, Slphabet Soup, Mental Institutiond, Fat Troll, Evitable, Conspiracy Theory, Okay!!!, Tech Glitch, Dissatisfied Customer, Punster Named Funster, Hmm, Klanfare, The Cynical One, Tactless One, The Stork, et al. --

Thank you for turning what was once a first-rate forum into a steaming pile of Mongoose poop. You bastards.

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