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Even if you think this page sucks, you can go read Harlan's Usenet Fan Newsgroup, alt.fan.harlan-ellison. I stop in there from time to time myself. a.f.he was created by Neal Bridges (nbridges@interlog.com), for which we are all eternal grateful. There is also now a FAQ for the newsgroup, maintained by James Shearhart (jalmatom@wco.com), for which we are all grateful beyond eternity. God, I hope somebody else doesn't do something to make me top that.

Boring-Ass Notes You're probably better off skipping

Just after Midnight, 08/29/95:
Here is the problem with looking for Harlan Ellison Links. He was, as you know, involved with a little thing called Babylon 5 (and aside from mentioning the Bab 5 Support Page this is the ONLY link you'll see here to it!), and since he is a Respected Author and what-not, every dork with a Babylon 5 Toaster Oven homepage has to mention his name. In fact, if you run a Lycos Search on "harlan ellison" (and why would you run any other kind of search?), right now, you'll get 117 hits (actual mileage may vary). If you run a Lycos Search on "harlan ellison babylon" you'll get 43. Get the picture?
Editor's Note: these numbers are now (10/20/95) 242 and 70, respectively. Time waits for no man.
Anyway, save your eyeballs and mouse button and just read on. Trust me, everything worth looking at (except maybe some notes on how Ellison personally styles the hair of every cast member on Babylon 5) is here. If you're a glutton for punishment, click on those Lycos searches above.

Other Harlan Ellison Homepages

The Islets of Langerhans is a page you cannot afford to miss. It is basically an illustrated bibliography limited to Ellison's books (as opposed to his appearences in various magazines and collections with other authors), with the addition of critical commentary and a very well-done biography. If you take just one link this year, this should be that link.

Here is a homepage which you will be happy to hear takes a LOT less time than mine to load. It's also shorter than Chris Farley's attention span.
Addendum: The author of this page was good enough to link me and say nice things about this page. So he gets automatically upgraded from Chris Farley to Adam Sandler. Zimas all around.

Maybe you can find a better chatroom than mine in the Yahoo Club Ellison Alcove

Looking at the rest the work of this MIT student, I'd say his Harlan Ellisom Homepage would be pretty cool. Unfortunately, it looks like he found Webderland and gave up.

Another homepage, and hey, it's longer than the previous link! This one comes from Espana N. Sherrif, and can also be found on Espana's Science Fiction Page, which is 3 points better than my page according to Point, and which I highly recommend. Espana also has a picture from the Dream Corridor comic book and two pictures of Da Man himself.

You can see a couple of pictures of Ellison that I don't have (at least until I steal them) on Ace's Ellison Homepage. Ace also has one of the cooler backgrounds around, but be forewarned, there's a 149k GIF on the opening page... Peter Murray's Ellison Homepage is kind of short, but it has a nice brief bio and he was good enough to link me, so he gets a mention.

Elisa Sparks' Ellison Homepage has a good booklist organized by segments of Harlan's Life.

ULTIMAJOCK - Daevid MacKenzie is a pretty gonzo site with a page of Ellison links on it. And you shouldn't miss Simply Jack's HE page, if only for the animated dripping blood separator lines.

The Sci-Fi Channel has their own homepage, The Dominion, which isn't really an HE homepage, but does have some information on Sci-Fi Buzz, which Ellison does commentaries for (and via the "Buzzwords" link on this page, you can see some of HE's commentaries online!). They also have a bulletin board, Orbit, which has a special section for Ellisonian discussion and chats about specific Ellison works such as Dream Corridor. There's a LOT of areas here, be prepared to hunt around if you are looking for only Ellison-related stuff. And if you need more to talk about, including things Ellisonian, you might want to check out this Speculative fiction discussion Page

They aren't really Ellison homepages, but I did find one dude who had some HE quotes in a section of his homepage entitled Scattered Gems.

Andrew Ho has a pretty good page with some nice things to say about Harlan (and of course a link to my page, which always helps!).

Mesmeratronics, Ltd. some _interesting sounds_.

And, of course, there is always my Harlan Ellison homepage.

Harlan in his Own Voice

This section is dedicated to actual pieces of Harlan's work which may be found online. Your first starting point should be Webderland's Harlan's Words Page.

Fictionwise has 20 Harlan Ellison stories online, with 15 more to come!

Galaxy Online is running a kinda-weekly HE commentary called Working Without a Net. Commentaries come out originally in full video and transcripts have been appearing later. It's Harlan at his orneriest, so check it out!

Nardwuar is a living freak who is DEFINITELY off the medicatin, but his audio interview with HE at least features a good bit of good ol' Harlan-ranting.

Running an AltaVista search the other month, I found an essay Ellison wrote about Louis L'Amour called Lunch With Louis 'n' Me: A Few Casuals by Way of Reminiscence.

A web site called Instant Classics has a short story of HE's which first appeared in the 1995 Atlanta DragonCon publication. The story, The Pale Silver Dollar of the Moon Pays Its Way and Makes Change is available online in its entirety.

Dave Mullich of Cyberdreams has placed Harlan's explanation of why he decided to make a computer game online.

Dark Carnival has a great Interview with Ellison online including video and audio clips. If that ain't enough for ya, check out a Q&A with Chris Hudak from Details magazine.

Also a new/old interview from TBR and a link for news on how to get your very own A Boy and His Dog video.

One of the biggest-ass quotefests is the Writer's World HE Interview - and yes, I know most of the images came from this website! It's only slightly shorter than the Onion Interview with HE. Finally, I've got a fledgling list of Harlan Ellison Quotes and Anectdotes online. As you can see, it's short, so please send in your favorite quote or story today!

The Sci-Fi Seeing Ear Theatre - Harlan reading Wanted in Surgery.  Updated with Brian Smith for the 90's.  You need RealAudio 5 to enjoy this.  Well worth it.

Interview with Harlan Ellison at Amazon.com

A walk around the park something Harlan wrote for a fanzine

Publication Information

White Wolf, most known for their "Gothic " roleplaying games, is reprinting many of Ellison's works in hardcover in their Edgeworks series. They also are doing the trade edition of The City on the Edge of Forever, expected in Fall '96 (Here).

James Hess's column on the On-Line Comics web site contained this commentary on I, Robot for its sixth installment.

Aardwolf Publishing recently put out a story collection, Strange Kaddish, with fantastic stories concerning the Jewish faith. Harlan is represented with his short story Go Toward the Light, and has his own page on Aardwolf.

Cyberdreams Interactive Entertainment is the producer of the computer game I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, a multimedia adventure with a strong moral tone which lets you play the part of each of the protagonists of the original classic short story. The game has won rave reviews and a number of awards from reputable sources such as Computer Gaming World. If that's not enough, more information on the game can be found here on MGM-UA's site. It includes an interview of Ellison by J. Michael Straczynski, creator of Babylon 5. You can also read Harlan's Essay on why he developed a computer game with Dave Mullich & Cyberdreams or check out Games Domain's Review of IHNMAIMS and Mitch Eatough's Gamezilla review.

If you want more Ellison biographies, the guy from Berkely who made the first homepage listed above has a bibliography available. And if you didn't get enough of John Wenn's bibliography from my bibliography page, here is a real live link to the original.

You don't read books? Never fear, here is the Harlan Ellison Comic Book Bibliography, compiled by Christopher Day (chrisday@enteract.com). The earlier link is the Webderland text version. The Bibliography in all it's HTML glory may also be found online here.

You can't even read? Well, have someone run an Internet Movie Database Search on Harlan Ellison's and read you his filmography.

Speaking of movies, I found this story about Ellison's brief employment by Disney on some urban legends page.

Here is some thing from the Terminator 2 FAQ which explains what Ellison's connetion with "dah Tuhmeenaytor" is.

You might as well check out this page dedicated to the TV Show The Starlost while it lasts. It's got Ellison's "bible" for the show online, and once he find out it's there it might not be there for long...

Ellison's section on a compiled list of "transformation" stories is pretty long. I'm scared to go look at Jack Chalker's. He may have his own server.  SFSite has some damn good bibliographies, among them ones for both Harlan and Susan.

The Linköping Science Fiction and Fantasy Archive has a section of Reviews of Harlan's work, and a List of works as well. You can also see a pretIt's much faster than the next link, too!

Finally, via ftp at Rutgers, we have what some call a list of Ellison short stories. I, on the other hand, call it the the "Too many anonymous users already on this server" page, or the "Buy some more bandwith, you academic carpetbaggers!" page.

You might have better luck with looking up Harlan in Locus Magazine's Booklists and Storylists, from an index of the magazine's reviews. I'd point you right to the entry, but it keeps moving on me, damnit!

This purports to be a Guide to Twilight Zone episodes featuring a couple of Ellison-written episodes. Not surprisingly, this site has been no more responsive than Lenin's corpse. Maybe you can get to it, though.

You may not know that Arvi Nikkarev, Our Man in Finland, got an HE book published in Estonian. Here is Arvi Nikkarev's HE Bibliography and information on his Skarbeus Estonian edition of The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World.

CyberSpace Spinner has a listing of Ellison short fiction.

As you may know, Ellison's original script to this much-lauded Star Trek episode , with his comments, has just come out in a limited edition. The trade edition is still in the pipe, but hopefully we will see it this year.
Sci-Fi Weekly's online site has a review of the limited edition.

You can also look up information on the episode on Astra's Original Series Episode List, where you can also lookup episode ratings by Internet users and see that City is 2nd on the list.

I also found information on the original episode in Hack-Man's Episode Guide, and there's even an excerpt from the introduction on some site called Sector 001, where you can read some of Ellison's thoughts about the series and about Gene Rodenberry.


A list of the Nebula Awards, 1965-1994 is not strictly an Ellison link, but since he has so many of the dang things I'm including it anyway.

The same could be said for the Hugo Awards, except that linking them gives me an opportunity to relate that Ellison expressed a desire to see the utilitarian and streamlined shape of the Hugo be used to best effect as a rectal suppository for a certain author who had a certain book (see the section on the Book on the Edge of Forever below) which was nominated for the Hugo for best non-fiction work for 1995. Thankfully for the author, the trophy itself, and some hapless ER doctor, Isaac Asimov won the Hugo by four votes.

The Science Fiction Writer's Assocation, which sponsors the Nebula, also has this site with commentary and statistics on the Nebulas. It's pretty cool, with some interesting and wry commentary.

Finally, we have the Bram Stoker Awards. Like, Ellison won one, okay? (Correction: He's won THREE. -Ed)

I'm sure Harlan has piles of other awards, so many they are used as doorstops or are stuffed in the attic like high-school bowling trophies. Some of these are mentioned in the a.f.he FAQ and/or on my own awards page. If you know of any others, contact me with the link way, way, way at the top of this page.

The Last Deadloss Visions

alternatively known as The Book on the Edge of Forever

Well, I had to lose this section, since both HE and the author asked me to remove the links. All I will say about the work here is that it is a self-admittedly polemic essay inquiring into the status of The Last Dangerous Visions and that it paints a very unflattering portrait of Harlan which is quite at odds with my experiences with the man. Harlan refuses to respond to this work on the grounds that the very act would lend some credence to the charges and because he can see no good coming of such an effort other than to heighten what has become a ridiculous controversy.

* If you persist, you might check out Paul Riddell's excellent column on the Enemies of Ellison from Tangent magazine or look into the Friends of Ellison on Webderland's Resources Page. If you really want the poop on the Enemies, Rick Cusick's article BUGFUCK!, from GAUNTLET magazine is required reading.

Reviews and Commentary

The Bookweb featured an Internet chat session with Harlan on June 3, 1995 - and of course The entire transcript is available. If this goes away, let me know: I've got the textfile saved as well.

Andrew Farrel wrote reviews of the Dark Horse Comic Books Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor #1 and Dream Corridor #2. I'm not much into comics, but I read these and loved them. Of course, I'd probably love a book on how the Amish grow those delightful beards if Ellison wrote it, so I am not the most objective of critics.

And hey, Dark Horse Comics has their own homepage now. There is quite a bit of stuff on Dream Corridor here, including information on specific issues.

A guy named Eric Rountree wrote this Review of City on the Edge of Forever, and you can also read a Review of Edgeworks I by Kevin Lauderdale.

Another entrant in the Gallery of the Weird, this tabulation of votes on Harlan Ellison books apparently is part of a larger survey for which I'm sure Piers Anthony ballots numbered in the septillions.

Another review of Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor

A detailed discussion of Ellison's involvement with L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology

Paul Riddell's latest Scf-Fi rant #4 covers B5 and mentions Harlan.

Sci-Fi Weekly has, on their site, reviews of A Boy and His Dog and Seeing Ear Theater Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Eidolons has a nice focus on HE article on their site.

Ain't It Cool's Harry Knowles details some con experiences involving Harlan (peripherally) in his DragonCon article part one and two.


Mark V. Ziesing has an outfit called Ziesing Books which has published Mefisto in Onyx and which is doing the limited edition of Slippage. There's more about him on my resources page, but if you want the real poop, you'd better go to his web site.

Lately, I have been hearing good things about Amazon.com Books, and on checking them out they do have a pretty good Ellison selection. Check them out yourself.

Booksmith is another internet-ordering shop, and they even have their own Harlan Ellison Page.  Sounds like a good bet to me.

The Virtual Bookshop has a fairly extensive collection of Harlan Ellison books available. They also have an anthology out called Writers of the Present, Writers of the Future, for which they have a page on Harlan.

A bookstore in Los Angeles called Dangerous Visions has this homepage. Since Arthur Byron Cover is one of the founders, I'm gonna assume that either (a) they have Ellison's blessing and he gets a dime for every book they sell, or (b) they use that dime to call him up and laugh with maniacal glee. Either way, it's good press. Plus, it's got some really cool backgrounds. (A followup note: Ellison is a 1% partner in the store, the profits derived from this share to be divided amongst all writers featured in the Dangerous Visions books. So far the store has run the jagged edge and Harlan has not seen penny one, so for Chrissake order something from them! - Ed.)

Another bookstore of note is Darkest Heart Books, which is also mentioned in more detail on the Webderland Resources Page.

Enchantments asked me to add their page here, so what the heck. They are a SF/Fantasy speciality bookstore in Lexington, MA. They carry as much Harlan Ellison as in commonly in print, do a lot of B5 stuff, and also carry role-playing games, toys, and "random cool stuff".

BiblioBytes offers Macintosh and Acrobat versions of Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled, The Glass Teat, and The Other Glass Teat. The two Teat books are also available together as The Complete Glass Teat. Make no mistake, these versions are authorized by Ellison and Bibliobytes is a legitimate concern. You can get previews of many of their works online (including LANBSM) in ASCII or Acrobat format as well.

Bibliofind is an internet book search service which is a good place to look for that hard-to-find bit of Ellisonia.

Other reader-suggested bookstores that are good at having Ellison material:
www.abebooks.com (a combined search engine for *many* bookstores)
www.powells.com (the largest used bookstore in North America or so do the locals claim)
www.mbnet.mb.ca (may be included in abe now)
Amazon Books (they do out of print searches now but you pay up front)

Grab Bag

Harlan Ellison's attempts to set up Tom Galloway is an amusing tale about an LA newcomer asking Harlan for help in jumpstarting his local social life.

Harlan would love for you to support The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Check out Event Horizon, a great e-zine site run by Harlan's friend Ellen Datlow.

Since Harlan once asked Bjo Trimble to marry him, I've been asked to link to Bjo Trimble's Sci-Fi Spotlite, maybe you can find more about this there...

Harlan has often expressed admiration for the works of Fritz Leiber. If he were surfing, I'm sure he would check this page out. You should, too - it's a class site.

Internet Australia did a great article on Ellison and the Internet. I'd probably link it even if they didn't quote me.

A student site, None of the Above, features a GIF of a work named Impressions on Harlan Ellison's "The Whimper of Whipped Dogs".

A list of fanzines produced by HE may interest those who know Harlan was once one of the more rabid fans out there.

Harlan would want you to support the Comic Book legal defense fund.

Here is an amusing anecdote entitled
Harlan Ellison's attempts to set up Tom Galloway.

Ellison had this response in White Wolf's Inphobia magazine to something or other someone or other said to or about him. I'd tell you more, but the site ain't being nice and responding to me right now.

Some band named Jazz Butcher wrote a song called Harlan which manages to trivialize Ellison's work in much the same way Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire trivializes most of the history I and my parents lived through. They also put the lyrics on the Net. If you listen closely, you can actually hear the individual bits used to store this data crying out in pain.  Some discussion about the song. (This link is fluky - I've kept it in case it works)

Another song about our patron.

The "underground" band Borgia Popes has this homepage, which mentions a song called A Boy and His Dog based on the Harlan Ellison novella. Actually, they call ABAHD a "short story", so I wouldn't harbor much hope for the song...
(Update: After getting an e-mail from a band member, I downloaded an excerpt from the song, and it sounded okay in a grunge kinda way. So I take it back - I'm allowed to do that once in a while.)

An interview with Harlan Ellison about L. Ron Hubbard probably won't win any Pulitzers. But what they hey, it's a link, and I get two points for each one regardless of how lame it is.

You might enjoy this HE Writing Parody. Maybe.

This is some kinda thingie about Ellison and Babylon-5. If you are an editor and can get this readable to the point where I can understand what the hell they are talking about, I'll be happy to put your version up here. (Yes, I know I lied about not having any more Babylon-5 links. Believe me, I'm more worried right now about the publishers of the books I scanned pictures from suing me than you.)

The Esquire article Frank Sinatra Has a Cold by Gay Talese just resurfaced on the web, so we dutifully link it here, as we do every time it reappears.

HE The Movie is some serious weirdness. I linked to the "reaction" page since the main movie page's links are all futzed up.

A Film version of Paulie Charmed the Sleeping Woman was supposedly filmed in April of 1999.

Harlan is on the Celebrity Atheist List. No surprises here.

HarlanEllison.com is under new management. Thank you to Rick Wyatt for his many years of dutiful stewardship of this site.