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I don't follow Ellison's life, times, and business dealings (except for what he asks me to post here) - I just like what the guy writes. However, I'm counting on YOU to clue me in. So do it. Let me know about clubs, newsletters, appearances, bookstores that have out of print stuff, or even the name of the barber who does Harlan's "do" so you can get it styled just like him!



The Harlan Ellison Recording Collection

I got this from the jacket of the Paladin of the Lost Hour CD. I am not officially affiliated with this organization in any way, and I can't order books for you or take your VISA card number or get your copy of The Juvies signed. However, you can get ordering information and order forms off the Webderland HERC Store Page if you are so inclined.

THE HARLAN ELLISON RECORDING COLLECTION is a membership society recording the spoken word. The eight dollar membership fee brings you four newsletters of the Collection and the privilege of obtaining new, never-before-released, top quality records, cassettes, and CDs of Harlan Ellison reading his award-winning stories. To join The Collection, send $8.00 in check or money order to:

The Harlan Ellison Recording Collection
P.O. Box 55548
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413

For everything the HERC doesn't have, check out the Buy Ellison Stuff page and the New and Upcoming Releases page.

Deep Shag Records

This nifty little outfit ( www.deepshag.com) has three Ellison CDs for sale: On the Road with Harlan Ellison Volume One, On the Road with Harlan Ellison Volume Two, and (yes, wait for it) On the Road with Harlan Ellison Volume Three. The guy who runs this place is swell and he worked his ass off going through hours upon hours of Harlan talks to find these selections. He's even provided some mp3 samples of the CDs which I will dutifully link here:
Language Warning
The Pope Comes to Visit New York
Meeting the Public
Incredible Shit
For more samples and nifty pictures, please Visit the Deep Shag Ellison Page.

The Friends of Ellison

This organization was started by noted Writer of Stuff Peter David in his column But I Digress in Comics Buyers Guide in January, 1994. The Friends of Ellison, or FOE, was formed in response to the founding of another organization called the Enemies of Ellison (later renamed the Victims of Ellison in a fit of politcally-correctness).

Peter asked for stories and anecdotes about good things Harlan had done and how he had changed people's lives for the better. Membership was, as David says, "utterly free", and members got a spiffy button with the FOE logo.

David received over a hundred letters the first three months, and continues to receive so much mail and so many responses that it is impossible for him to respond to them all. He has sent copies of everything he received to Harlan.

The EoE has long since slurped back into the muck from which it arose, and Peter David (along with myself) feels that the FOE has served its purpose. The outpouring of support for Ellison was so great it blew away any thoughts of a negative campaign against the man. If you realy feel you must contact Peter David, he still writes for the CBG and can be reached care of To Be Continued...Inc, P.O. Box 239, Bayport, NY, 11705. But please, please, PLEASE don't ask him for a membership newsletter or a button, okay? Okay?

Since you're going to be so good and not bother this nice and overwhelmed man, I'm going to give you a special treat. Here are the two articles David wrote on the subject of the EoE and FOE, typed in lovingly by yours truly from the pages of the Comics Buyers Guide:

Peter David Article 1: Announcing the formation of the Friends of Ellison
Peter David Article 2: The FOEs stand up to be counted

You might also be interested to read Paul Riddell's excellent column on the Enemies of Ellison from Tangent magazine. It's none too flattering of either the pro-Ellison fans or the con-Ellison fans, a sentiment I heartily endorse.

And finally, since you've been so good and Mr. David has not called me to complain about the scads of letters, I've obtained Rick Cusick's 30,000-word article BUGFUCK! on the feud between Harlan Ellison and Gary Groth, including the formation of the Enemies of Ellison and Mr. David's counterstrikes, from the pages of GAUNTLET magazine:
Rick Cusick's article BUGFUCK!


White Wolf

White Wolf is best known for their gothic roleplaying games about (among other things) vampires and werewolves. However, the company also publishes game-related story collections and novels, and recently expanded to other genres.

White Wolf's latest foray is printing Harlan Ellison's backlist. The new EDGEWORKS series will encompass 31 of Harlan's out-of-print titles. The first volume is out now in stores everywhere. White Wolf is also printing the trade edition of HE's script for Star Trek, The City on the Edge of Forever, with tons of additional information from Ellison and various people associated with the series.

White Wolf has a web site - however, it is on an ISDN line and I have never been able to get online. I also have an online press release for the Edgeworks series which I will update as new volumes become available. White Wolf can be reached via e-mail as WWolfMail@aol.com

Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor Comic Book

It's published by:
Dark Horse Comics, Inc.
10956 SE Main Street
Milwaukee, Oregon 97222

The first issue came out in March 1995 and featured cover art by Michael Whelan. The comic went to a quarterly format after the fifth issue in August 1995 and was significantly expanded and retooled in a paperback format. The first issue of the new format came out on August 14th, 1996.

Mark V. Ziesing Books

Ziesing runs a small outfit in California which has previously done a gorgeous trade edition of Ellison's novellete Mefisto in Onyx. Ziesing is also working on the limited edition of Slippage, HE's first new story collection in 8 years. If you're interested in what's between the covers, here is the Table of Contents, with word counts, for the book.

Mark has his own web site, or you can reach him at the addresses below. Official hours are: Tuesday through Saturday 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM.
Mark V. Ziesing, Bookseller
P.O.Box 76
Shingletown CA 96088
VOICE & FAX: (916) 474-1580
E-MAIL: 103633.2555@CompuServe.com - or - ziesing@bigchair.com


Sources of Ellisonia

I continue to hear so many good things about Bilbiofind from Webderland visitors that I put them on the top of my list. This is an amazing resource for finding rare, used, and out-of-print books of any kind - whether for Ellisonia or harder-to-find authors like HE's favorite, Gerald Kersh.

Mark V. Ziesing
Mark V. Ziesing has done the trade edition of Mefisto in Onyx and the limited edition of Slippage. His shop is also a good source of sale books. Mark's web page is at http://www.bigchair.com/ziesing and he can be reached e-mail as ziesing@bigchair.com. Or, just send him something snail-mail at:

Mark V. Ziesing, BookSeller
P.O. Box 76
Shingletown, CA 96088
Phone/Fax (916) 474-1580

BiblioBytes is an electronic publisher of works by many authors. You may have seen posts from Glenn Hauman (hauman@bb.com) on alt.fan.harlan-ellison about their Ellison titles. Bibliobytes offers Macintosh and Acrobat versions of Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled, The Glass Teat, and The Other Glass Teat. The two Teat books are also available together as The Complete Glass Teat. Make no mistake, these versions are authorized by Ellison and Bibliobytes is a legitimate concern. You can get previews of many of their works online (including LANBSM) in ASCII or Acrobat format as well.

Darkest Heart Books
Another excellent book-finding resource is Darkest Heart Books. I found out through them via the Internet (where else?) from Bill Bulman, who tells me the store not only gets in rare Ellison volumes and limited editions, but will also look out for such for collectors. And if they don't have it, Bill says they can usually put you in touch with someone who might be able to help. Caveat emptor, of course...but bearing that in mind you can contact them at:

Darkest Heart Books
PO BOX 6972
Missoula MT 59807
Darkest Heart Books
693 Dartmoor Dr
Crystal Lake IL 60014

Uncle Hugo's Bookstore.
Webderland contributor Pamela Budge reports: Quite a large collection of used books. They do a hefty mail order business - still haven't been able to locate a copy of The Other Glass Teat, but then again, in theory, it will be reprinted with The Glass Teat soon (which would be very good seeing as I stupidly loaned out my copy of The Glass Teat and never got it back.). Anyway, be glad to go search in person for specific things. Always looking for an excuse to go to Uncle Hugo's - I have to severely limit my Uncle Hugo's trips due to budget considerations. I am constitutionally incapable of leaving there without buying books. Can't be done. Tried. Many many times.


Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore......(612) 824-6347 2864 Chicago Av MPLS MN 55407-1320

Harlan's Recommendations

Harlan recommends the following bookstores:

For the author who needs a map for research or verisimilitude, HE recommends Travel Bookstore, which can get you a map to darned near anywhere on the planet.
Travel Bookstore
1514 North Hillhurst Avenue
2nd Floor
Hollywood CA, 90027
(213) 660-2101

For hard-to-find English works, Harlan recommends Firebird Distributors, and says he just obtained an Ian Watson book he has been looking for for a long time from them.
Firebird Distributors
PO Box 1636
Pacifica CA 94044

Of course, no list of bookstores should be without mention of Dangerous Visions, named after the famous anthologies Harlan edited. Arthur Byron Cover is a principal in this store, which has its own web page as well.

Dangerous Visions
13563 Ventura Boulevard
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423-3825
Phone: (818) 986-6963
Fax: (818) 341-7354
Email: specfic@primenet.com

If you're interested in reading what Harlan's reading, you are best advised to check out the magic realists of Latin Americana. Harlan has this to say about these authors:

I never felt comfortable being around, or being called a science fiction writer or a fantasy writer. None of the people I read, with the exception of Kafka and Poe, seemed to be doing what I was doing or what I wanted to do, until I started reading the Magic Realists of the [Latin America] boon. And then I realized they were my true literary family, and I wept. It was like coming home.

HE recommends the following bookstore for finding Latin Americana:
Howard Carno, Inc.
PO Box 431
Santa Monica, CA 90406
(310) 458-1619

Visitor Suggestions

A loyal browser, alanp@pacific.eng.sun.com, tells us:
My favorite place for getting HE books is Aladdin Books in Fullerton, CA. They are on Commonwealth and should definitely be in the phone book. HE has done more than one signing there. Aladdin Books usually has some interesting HE books. I was down there on business and picked up the mondo collector's edition of Deathbird Stories and some special edition of All The Lies ... in a heavy duty slip cover two weeks ago. I started my collection of signed 1st's there when HE was there for a signing for Angry Candy.

HarlanEllison.com is under new management. Thank you to Rick Wyatt for his many years of dutiful stewardship of this site.