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This area of Ellison Webderland represents my most ambitious and possibly hubritic undertaking to date. Here you should eventually find a brief synopsis and commentary for every short story in one of HE's collections. As I and the review team progress, I will also collect a listing of short stories both by collection and alphabetically, and provide a page with all the information on the collected review pages placed together for searching.

Each review (so far) has a header with cover art, publication information, and a link to the page for the book on Michael Zuzel's Islets of Langerhans web site. After this comes a story list and comments on the book as a whole. Finally, each story is described with a brief synopsis, followed by a more specific review and commentary.

Important Note: Each synopsis should give a brief description of what the story is about, and will to some extent give the story away. We will try where possible not to reveal the meat or the ending of the story. For the commentary, though, all bets are off. This will be your only spoiler warning.



Available Reviews (with credits)

Angry Candy - Alex Jay Berman
Approaching Oblivion - Peter P. O'Sullivan
The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World - Sue Luesse
The City on the Edge of Forever - Bill Gibron
Deathbird Stories - David Loftus
An Edge in My Voice - David Loftus
Ellison Wonderland - K.C. Locke
The Harlan Ellison Hornbook - Nicole Walter
I, Robot: The Illustrated Screenplay - Paul Riddell
I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream - K.C. Locke
Memos From Purgatory - K.C. Locke
Mind Fields - Dorman T. Shindler
Shatterday - Rick Wyatt (partial)
Slippage - Stories: K.C. Locke, Overall: Dorman T. Shindler
Stalking the Nightmare - David Loftus
The Voice from the Edge Vol I (audiotape)- James Palmer

Reviews in Progress
(First parenthetical is projected completion date, small date to its right is the last update I have on that ETA. If one of these is WAAAAY overdue and you want to do it, contact me!)
Alone Against Tomorrow - Karen Williams (2nd Quarter 2000) 11/22/99
The Glass Teat - Nicole Walter (2nd Quarter 2000) 4/4/00
Gentleman Junkie - Jay Quinn (2nd Quarter 2001) 10/31/00
Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Mispelled - David Loftus (3rd Quarter 2001) 06/25/01
No Doors, No Windows - Shane Antisdel (December 1999) 11/22/99
Over the Edge - Bill Gibron (1st Quarter 2001) 10/30/00
Paingod and other delusions - Bill Dennis (Unknown) 5/18/98
Partners in Wonder - Kevin Hlousek (4th Quarter 2000) 10/30/00
Sleepless Nights in the Procrustean Bed - David Loftus (4th quarter 2001) 06/25/01
Strange Wine - Jim (4th Quarter 2000) 09/13/00

Reviews Needed! (in order of preference)
From the Land of Fear
The Deadly Streets
A Touch of Infinity
Children of the Streets
Any novel, non-fiction, or essay book not already taken!

If you are interested in participating with the review process by writing a review in the format mentioned above, please e-mail me, webmaster@harlanellison.com. I'll do as much or as little of the HTML editing as you want....with the proviso that I am immune from being beaten about the head and shoulders with a wooden dowel because I missed a paragraph break or didn't get the spacing on your quotes just right.

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