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A message from the curator:
Hi. If you're looking for 5-megabyte push-pull animations or wicked-ass backgrounds or other gee-whizzery, then you're SOL. Webderland doesn't have real-time pictures of my book collection or automatic recordings of the blood sugar levels of the last 50 visitors. What it's got is me, and you're stuck with it.

The primary purpose of this site is to provide a resource for anyone interested in learning about Harlan Ellison, and to try to give a first point of contact to those unfamiliar with his work a good introduction. The secondary purpose of this site is to keep fans of Harlan's work and (sigh) Harlan himself up-to-date on the latest developments affecting both.

The design philosophy of Webderland is to concentrate on content. I avoid HTML coding that will prevent those with older (or even text-only) browsers from enjoying the page. As time has gone by most surfers are using graphical browsers that support tables I've added some to allow easier side menus and formatting. Image size is kept to a minimum with thumbnails used where possible and all images given specified sizes to speed text loading.

I do have permission from Harlan to run this page. I've done the best job I can, but I would like your input, as to what's missing, what you like and dislike, and what else you would like to see here now or in the future. E-mail me at webmaster@harlanellison.com.

I review this site with the latest version of the Netscape Navigator. If you're not using Netscape, the pages probably look even more funky than I intended...

Webderland Awards

Technically, a lot of these are Ellison's awards too, as I am certain I wouldn't have got some of them if I had been doing a web page for, say, John Gorman...

Top 5% Ellison got a shopping-cart full of Hugos, I got this. Go figure. This award, from The Point, supposedly means this page is in the top 5 percent of pages on the web.

Magellan has chosen Webderland as a 3-Star Site. A very nice review of the site can be found online at Magellan.

Netscape's Open Directory has Webderland as a Cool Site in their Harlan Ellison section.

Netwatch runs a number of "top ten" site lists, one of which is for Science Fiction. I was lucky enough to be included.

Ben and Jesse's Soup Kitchen of the Bizarre awarded Webderland their ICP Award. What does that mean? You tell me...

The Wave of the Day for some day in December 1995 was Ellison Webderland. I was on vacation at the time, but I'm sure my Webmaster was pleased at the way it must have whacked his bandwidth...

BobaWorld has Webderland on their cool sites page. Okay, so there are a jillion sites there, so what's your point?

In fact, the Bobaworld guy picked this as oneof his Kool Sites of the day. Sorry for the non-links, but Bobaworld has apparently dropped off my rader. Geez, maybe I should have shrunk that GIF a little...

Ellison Webderland was the Sublime Site of the Week in January 1996.

When Netcom established their 200th POP (point of presence),they posted a list of 200 great POP Culture sites. Webderland was found worthy. Jesus wept.

Cinescape's Web Magazine, a NUKETVScape, picked me for one of their four NUKE Hot Sites for their 10/5/95 edition. As of 10/14/95 (when I wrote this), it was still there. (Note: as of 06/01/97, it wasn't.)

Paul Riddell was kind enough to include Webderland in the Cyber section of The Met, Dallas's arts and entertainment weekly. There was an online versionof the Webderland review available on The Met's web site. If anyone can FIND the web site, let me know. It used to be at http://themet.computek.net, but it seems to have disappeared.

Webderland was recently added to many link pages on The Dark Side of the Web, the premiere Dark/Gothic/Dressing Like Someone fromThe Cure/Punk/Whatever Else You've Got page on the Net.

CentreSquare's District Map contains a section on literature with a link to Weberland.

Event Horizon, the SF/Fantasy Cyberzine, has included Webderland as one of their "Hot Spots".

My Harlan Ellison Chatroom was the recipient of a Useless Web Pages award.

Stacey's Web Designs was good enough to give Webderland a True Style Award

HarlanEllison.com is under new management. Thank you to Rick Wyatt for his many years of dutiful stewardship of this site.