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This section of Webderland organizes the actual words of Harlan Ellison online here. The Links Page has a section of other resources on the World Wide Web featuring Harlan's words. If you find another resource, or have something to contribute to here, please let me know!


Online Writings

I Write:
Ellison works online - a few pieces Harlan has been kind enough to allow me to feature on the website.

HE on the Rancho Santa Fe Mass Suicide:
Harlan was asked by Newsweek to comment upon the relationship between the beliefs of the "Heaven's Gate" cultists and science fiction. Here you will find his original response before he had to water it down for the general reading public.

Intro to EDGEWORKS Volume 2 - Let's Pretend:
This 4700-word excerpt contains most of the intro to the second book in White Wolf's EDGEWORKS series (publishing Harlan's backlist), a volume containing the books Spider Kiss and Stalking the Nightmare.

Harlan talks about his quadruple bypass - This message from Harlan, featured first on this web site, explains in grisly detail exactly how HE came to have two feet of vein from his leg implanted in his chest.

HE Answers the Questions of You Pinheads on the Internet:
This may or may not become a regular feature on Webderland. Occaisionally I'll send Harlan a few of the questions I received via the web site, and watch the fireworks. Enjoy!

Harlan Ellison Online at E-Reads:
E-Reads is run by Harlan's agent and has his shiniest, deepest embossed, and most lovingly polished seal of approval. If you are going to get one of his books to read online, get it here.


Interview with Harlan Ellison - the Net - This is my own interview with HE, on the subject of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Harlan also talks about computers and why they may be the Enemy of Art.

Interview with Harlan Ellison on Neal Adams - This interview appeared in COMIC BOOK PROFILES and appears courtesy that magazine.

Details Q&A: fairly short interview with Ellison that appeared in DETAILS magazine. Also in text format.

Onion Interview - an interview with HE in the classic ONION style.

Amazon Interview - a brief interview from the folks at Amazon.com.

Other Stuff

Buzzwords Archive:
Transcripts of HE's regular commentaries on the Sci-Fi Channel's Sci-Fi Buzz show. Courtesy of that channel's website, The Dominion.

Speech on the Comics Industry:
This speech was given by HE at the Diamond Comics Seminar 1993 in Atlanta.

The CARNIVAL Audio/Video Files
This collection of files is from an interview Harlan did a while back. I've been providing storage for the site that collected them, and while I'm not allowed to work them into Webderland you might enjoy looking at some of them anyway.

Ellison Quotes and Anecdotes:
This page is still awaiting contributions from you to get really rolling. It is a collection of both memorable Ellison quotes (kept short at HE's request) and quotes Ellison has used in his books, along with a few anecdotes about HE's life.


Harlan's online responses to fans at Parcon, a SF convention in the Czech Republic
Was SLIPPAGE late? Has marrying Susan made Harlan lose his touch?
Does an author have the right to have his unfinished work destroyed?
How intelligent is Harlan?
Text of Internet chat with HE on AOL's The Book Report, 09/17/97
Text of Internet chat with HE on Compuserve, 1995
Text of Internet chat with HE on BookWeb
Text of Internet chat with HE at the 1997 WorldCon
Transcript of 05/21/97 appearance on ABC's Politically Incorrect
Transcript of 09/09/97 appearance on Politically Incorrect
Transcript of 03/25/98 appearance on Politically Incorrect
Transcript of 01/04/99 appearance on Politically Incorrect

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