ASteele: And here he is.....
Noxturne: Room Log is how I did it. Rotaryfan
PhantomII: ratary what client ya usin ?
mute: Good Afternoon, Mr. Ellison.
Noxturne: Hello Mr. Ellison!!
PhantomII: re Mr. E
RotaryFan: msg phantomii I don't know if I'm on a client. I just typed "IRC".
OyVey: bow scrape and grovel
B5Jim: Harlan: Have you decided if you will write the sequel to "Demon with a Glass Hand" for Babylon 5?
PhantomII: rotayr...ahhh
HarlanE: [searching for glasses]
Figrin: Hello, Mr. Ellison. This is a real pleasure
GoldnEye: I have no mouth!!!
Stilgar: later
mute: Gold: You can borrow mine...
Astaroth: Hail, Mr Ellison.
GoldnEye: :)
RotaryFan: Don't, mute. He'll just scream.
Warvair: Harlan, I thought you hated these things... BBSes, chats etc. I remember a specific rant on the Sci-fi channel in fact.
mute: Oh, never mind, then...
PhantomII: rotary ... sounds like yer in the unix idea here
Ivanova: Hi Tasha,Brian
Brian: Hi
Tasha: Yo.
HarlanE: In answer to the question of that semi-bogus script Joe Stracyznski told everfyone I was going to write...which many of you decided all on your own was titled DEMON ON THE RUN
OyVey: found your glasses Harlan?
Astaroth: Mr. Ellison, tell us (sell us) about your Dream Corridor series.
mute: H: The tone of that implies that that's a big "No."
HarlanE:, I won't be doing it, for several reasons: first, Joe is writing all the scripts this year, and second, I'm now at work on the screenplay of my book MEFISTO IN ONYX
Noxturne: Mr. Ellison, is the movie version of Mephisto in Onyx a go ?
OyVey: * politely loans mr ellison her 20 inch monitor for ease of viewing ;) *
Figrin: Is Dream Corridor still being published?
Noxturne: figrin, it just came out as a quarterly.
kiith: hello?
Noxturne: Check your local comic shop.
B5Jim: Hi kiith
Noxturne: Hello kiith.
HarlanE: for Samuel L> Jackson and Miramax. Sorry about that, folks. But I had nothing to do with the announcewment of it to begin with, and I ain't gonna feel guilty that I haven't been sufficiently embroiled in the coils of Fate that permitted y'all to get this dream for your hope chest. Now, back to the Real World.
Figrin: Nox: Thanx, it's been a long time since my last trip to the comic book store
OyVey: hahahaha
Warvair: Harlan, why are you regarded as "The" sci-fi writer by the academia elite?
Zip: Mr. Ellison, will "Blood's A Rover" ever see print? How about "The Last Dangerous Visions"?
HarlanE: Answering the question about the wonderful comic book, HARLAN ELLISON's dream corridor. Here's the answer. It exists. It has existed for a year and a half. The new issue is currently on sale. Does that answer your question?
Noxturne: Mr. Ellison, you've mentioned the city I'm from, Hamtramck, in two stories. I wasn't aware that anyone knew my city even existed. Have you ever visited here, and what made you pick Hamtramck ?
Figrin: :
HarlanE: It isn't spelled MEPHISTO, DAMMIT, IT'S SPELLED mefisto. THAT'S mefisto, GOT IT?
Astaroth: Before this goes any further, we all want to wish you the best of health, and regards to your wife.
HarlanE: YES, I;
Noxturne: Sorry, Mefisto.
NONE: Mr Ellison,thank you for so many years of thought provoking reading. May you write for many more years.
HarlanE: Yes, I've been to Hamtramck; I have no idea why I used it in two stories. As Moctezuma once said, "Sometimes a cigar is JUST a cigar."
Noxturne: Yes, Hamtramck, Michigan, Detroit is just a city. Michigan is the state.
B5Jim: HarlanE: Have you consulted with JMS on anything in season 4 yet, anything you didn't think was 'right'?
HarlanE: Thanks from both Susan and me for the good wishes. I'm feeling perky, and healing with steady resolve. Incidentally, a newspaper re4cently called me "the famously grumpy author, Harlan Ellison" and I wanted you sall to know that I am NOT grumpy, or even grouchy. I am bellicose. Big friggin' difference.
mute: But are you saturnine?
Noxturne: The Bellicose Harlan Ellison. *grin* I'll remember that.
Bishop^: * smile *
SlowWalke: friggin'? Such language!
Warvair: Harlan, which stories (of yours) are your personal favorites?
Figrin: :)
HarlanE: The only thing not "right" on season 4 of B5 is Joe. The man is a pain in the ass. I only keep him on because he does all the work.
Bishop^: * laughs *
Shayla: hehehe
Ivanova: * grins *
Julian: Hello, All. Hi, Harlan.
HarlanE: I have no personal favorite story. That's a mugg's game, like voting for Miss Amurrica. When I write them, I love them all. Later, I see where they have emerged somewhat crippled. And I try to do beter next time. After forty years of batting a keyboard, I'm just now actually learning how to write well. That is not false humility--something I do badly--
B5Jim: HarlanE: Would you like to write a Babylon 5 comic or novel sometime possibly?
HarlanE: but the smile truth. When it comes to predicting which story will do well with the readers, and which ones won't, I'm utterly at a loss. I am personally very fond
Xinpheld: Hi Harlan, What ever happened to 'Slippage,' and how can I get a copy?
Noxturne: Mr. Ellison, why has Slippage been delayed ?
HarlanE: of 'Grail"...but no one seems to pay any attention to it...a story on which I sweated bullets for six months. But "Chatting with Anubis"
Bishop^: Harlen... Are there still plans to follow up the 'Outer Limets' story on B5?
Warvair: Okay, fair enuf… but if I wanted to get a good feel for your writing what would you I read?
Warvair: ...suggest I read
Astaroth: I thought Grail was excellent.
Noxturne: I like Grail, much better than I liked Chatting with Anubis, but I thought they were both rather good.
Figrin: :)
HarlanE: --a story I wrote in one afternoon, after some research work--has won a potfull of awards this year, and everyone tells me it's the best thing I've written in mon ths...and that's in the same lifetime as MEFISTO (NOT MEPHISTO) IN ONYX.
RotaryFan: Harlan, are you making a living mostly by writing short stories? If so, is anybody else in science fiction doing that?
HarlanE: I would like to write a Babylonb 5 comic or tie-in novel about as much as I'd like A HYSTERECTOMY WITH A ROTO-ROOTER.
Bishop^: * laughs *
Astaroth: My favorite: Paladin of the Lost Hour.
Shayla: lol
B5Jim: sounds fun
Noxturne: I thought Mefisto in Onyx was one of the best stories I've ever read. made me shed a tear, it did.
mute: [Hoo!]
Warvair: Oops, I shouda kept reading...
Most: Harlan can you clarify something on the Vorlons for me? I alway though Kosh was the last one, but now that he is dead will their be a replacement for him?
Julian: HarlanE: What's your opinion on the current incarnation of Star Trek? Do you think it's got merits, or is it beyond "taste", like I asked Steele a few minutes ago? =)
kiith: * agrees with astaroth :) *
Warvair: Jeez... drop the B5/Star Trek stuff... let's talk about the sci-fi writer's writings here.
Bishop^: I still think 'I have no mouth and must scream' as one of the best story I have ever read.
naranek: Bellicose: adj. belligerent, eager to make war
Figrin: Who was your biggest influnce in writing and why?
Noxturne: Hmm, I don't know what my favorite story is, I like them all.
B5Jim: HarlanE: What do you think is 'Good' about Babylon 5 then?
Astaroth: Manners people, one at at time.
Shayla: Do you have any recommendations for new, young writers?
Julian: Maybe someone should moderate the conferences.
SlowWalke: Idea: the TV people form their own circle and ask each other's opinions of shows...
HarlanE: SLIPPAGE was only delayed so I could add 30,000 more words to it. The book is coming off press in the beautifujl gorgeous extraordinary you-better-not-midss-it Mark V<> Ziesing limited edition in about a month and a half. In fact, I'm here at the Worldcon signing beautifujl gorgerous exemplary get-one-if-you-can bookplates for the advance release. The Ziesing edition will have more material in it than the later, Houghton
Noxturne: Shayla: Take Robert A Heinlein's advice : WRITE.
RotaryFan: Harlan, does it bug you when people still like your early stories best?
Shayla: thank you, noxturne
Noxturne: Mr. Ellison: Really ? How much will the cover price be ?
Noxturne: Shayla: Think nothing of it, glad to help. :)
Warvair: I'm interested in what brought about the 'Medea: Harlan's World' (spelling>?) project and some of the results of it. Have you participated in any other projects like Medea?
MrQ: Shayla: Noxturne is right. Imagination has no bounds. Write because it is your pleasure, not your duty ;)
Shayla: does that mean HarlanE will not answer my question, noxturne?
Bishop^: Mr. Ellison. Do you feel the internet is a good place to publish sci-fi story?
Figrin: =
Shayla: thank you also, MRQ
Noxturne: Shayla: Usually, writers simply answer it that way anyway. So far as I've seen, at least.
Ivanova: hi Cal
kiith: hey cal
Calanthe: Hi B5 people :)
B5Jim: Hi Calanthe
Bishop^: Hi Calanthe
B5Jim: Ask Harlan about B5, he loves it
HarlanE: and get the Ziesing address before all the 1000 copies are sold. Or you can wait till next Spring for the Houghton Mifflin edition, which won't be nearly as pretty. And by the way...when will you succubus vampire muddlefuggers stop giving me giant turd trouble about "where is such-and-such a book"? I'm dANCING AS FAST AS I CAN, and I do at least a book a year already, plus the comic, plus the CD-Rom, plus the Sci-Fi Cha
Bishop^: * laughts at B5jim *
Astaroth: Mr Ellison, as poor and chaotic as the internet is now, do you think the electronic publishing surge it has created will act as a sort of second golden age of pulps, training the next generation of writers?
B5Jim: HarlanE: Would you like to do a cameo appearance on B5?
Figrin: Busy man. :)
Most: and we love you for it sir :)
Calanthe: B5Jim: But he HAS done a cameo appearance on B5...
Bishop^: I thought he already did as a voice of a computer
naranek: such bellicosity!!!!!!!!!!!!
B5Jim: yeah, thats true
Noxturne: Very busy. another CD rom ?
Calanthe: A game CD Rom this time?
Calanthe: Err, a B5 game CD rom, I mean.
Shayla: Sparky, the AI computer for B5...
Calanthe: Hi Spencer!
HarlanE: Never again did a project like MEDEA; HARLAN'S WORLD, and never want to. It was a bear. How it came to be is, of course, passim the book. It'll be brought back into print in the next year or so as part of the White Wolf series of EDGEWORKS volumes. Be patient or go to a used bookstore to find a copy of the first edition.
Warvair: Jeez... let the man answer... chat amongst yerselfs somewhere else...
HarlanE: Dear Astaroth: no.
B5Jim: Harlan sounds like a Sparky :P
Julian: Ah.. an AI computer with an "enfant terrible" personality. Nice.
Protector: hey cool
Noxturne: There are none of your books in the used bookstores in my town. As much as I've looked for them.
HarlanE: I already did a sorta kinda cameo on B5. As you've been told by now.
Warvair: Did you expect Herbert to get a Hugo out of it?
Figrin: =
Calanthe: HarlanE: if you were to do another cameo on B5, what sort of character would you want to play?
B5Jim: good question Calanthe :)
Astaroth: Do you have a dog companion now, Mr Ellison?
Goetz: But, Mr. Ellison, the Internet can't do a worse job of training writers than the magazines are. Unpublished writers rarely get anything but photocopied rejection slips from any of the SF magazines (except Worlds of Fantasy & Horror, & MZBradley).
Julian: Harlan: Did you agree or approve of your "appearance" in Justman/Solow's "Inside Star Trek" book? Were the events factual?
OyVey: alright.. what did I miss???
Bishop^: I would like to see Mr. Ellison play the head of Psi-core
Goetz: Nothing, OyVey. We were all waiting for you.
HarlanE: Never NEVER NEVER NEVER another CD-Rom game. I did one, it was the best I could do, it made a stinking fortune for Cyberdreams (which they haven 't had the smarts to share with me, thus forcing me to audit their ass, and kill them if necessary, but the game was awarded the title of BEST ADVENTURE GAME OF THE YEAR (or something like that) by COMPUTER GAMING WORLD, and I'm done with the form. Been there, done that, made a m
kiith: this really should be mediated...sigh
HarlanE: No dog. When Ahbhu died, that was it. No pets at all. Just Susan and me. And I bloody well HATE cats.
Noxturne: I bought the game, and finished it. I thought it was a stunning game.
Goetz: So what was the problem with the CD-ROM game? Why Never NEVER NEVER again?
Warvair: Kudos to cat-haters everywhere!
Toozday: Re: Cats. Wow! Harlan Ellison and I agree on something? There goes my perception of reality!
Shayla: HarlanE: You listen as an advisor for B5, what parts of the show have had major input from you?
naranek: Harlan, what other cons do you plan to attend in the near future?
B5Jim: HarlanE: Have any funny stories about JMS and you that you wish to share?
Calanthe: Yes, let's all listen to anecdotes :)
MrQ: Harlan: Sad about the game mess. Your works translate well into multimedia and computer animation. :(
DOMS: hello
kiith: * whops warvair *
B5Jim: good question Shayla :)
OyVey: Heck, have ANY stories about jms (they are bound to be funny)
Bishop^: I LIKE CATS!
Figrin: .
Warvair: Someone show these B5 adicts to the door... please (and their cats).
OyVey: * imagines harlan might like cats too.. bioled brioled or in a stew *
Billybob: is mr ellison not here?
Calanthe: <-- only knows funny stories about Michael Moorcook.
Julian: He's here.. he's just selective about the questions he answers. Which is good. :-0
OyVey: He's typing I think
Noxturne: Imagine a Mifisto in Onyx cd rom game.
Billybob: yes that is
HarlanE: The stuff about me in the Solow/Justman book was mostly accurate--at least from the view Herb and Bobby had--and they were, and remain, and have always been, good friends--in fact, Susan and Herb and his wife Yvonne had dinner together last week--but there are things in it that are not only dead-wrong, they're annoying to me. Such as the bogus bullshit story Herb bought, as told to him by a tv writer named Don Ingalls, in w
mute: (...close, but not quite...)
Shayla: Hey, what's wrong with B5 addicts, Warvair?
OyVey: He tends to go on typing a whole big schpeel
Billybob: works for logging it :)
Julian: Hey!!! He's answering my question.. let him finish. (Thanks, Harlan: go on).
Noxturne: Speil ?
HarlanE: I have never drunk. Nothing. Not wine, not beer, not even an apperatif. I just don't imbibe. Can't stand the taste of alcohol. Makes me wanna puke up me widdle guts.
OyVey: I liked my sperling better
Noxturne: Mr. Ellison, really ? Hmm, no alcohol.
Toozday: Harlan: Just wanted to let you know, your sentences are getting cut off occasionally. Usually when you type a whole paragraph at a time.
Warvair: Nothing, just ask questions about the guest... this is about him...
Billybob: i have just finished reading the first edgeworks collection all the way through..and can't wait to do it again...
OyVey: Harlan Elliosn is Minbari?
Bishop^: Funny. I feel the same way about alchohol
Astaroth: Sorry about Ahbhu, That was a loss. I just read "Anywhere But Here, With Anybody But You." Disturbing and very enjoyable.
Noxturne: I'd read the second half of the book before, but some of the stories in the first half were totally new to me, like Shadowplay.
Billybob: superisedthere are not more people here.....
Warvair: No achohol = grumpy author
Julian: Mr. Ellison: What story are u referring to? This is very interesting, but a bit disturbing. I thought that this would be the *final*, *definitive* book on Star Trek's guts. <sigh>.
HarlanE: So I called Herb to tell him it was wrong, and he said he's going to change it in the second edition...but by that time I had written about it in the expanded introduction to HARLAN ELLISON'S THE CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER' which White Wolf has just released in trade paperback format. It now has a 45,000m word intro, as opposed to the 30,000 word version in the expensive, sold-out limited edition from last November.
mute: (no, _bellicose_.)
B5Jim: HarlanE: Any stories about JMS you wish to share?
Noxturne: Is The City.... out already ? I'll head to the bookstore later and pick it up if it is.
HarlanE: God get the new CITY in tade paperback and you can read all about it. In short, get the hell away from these damned computer mesmerizers and LIVE SOME REAL LIFE!
OyVey: How many words/pages a day do you write? or do you have some other kinda schedule?
Bishop^: Its out. I saw it last night
B5Jim: *_*
Billybob: mr ellison..have already bought it yesterday....
mute: H: I'm living a real life vicariously from my mindless drone job by using computers to pretend I'm actually halfway social and stuff...
OyVey: Oh ya like READING is such a real life activity ;p
Warvair: HAHAHA, I knew it wouldn't be long...
HarlanE: I DON'T WRITE ANY SET NUMBER OF PAGES PER DAY. I write the way Captain Nemo played the pipe organ. I just sit doewn and boogie. It's ALWAYS "Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor" for me.
Noxturne: I read and chat. I play hockey and go out.
Figrin: .
Warvair: Harlan, seriously now... what is a REAL life?
Billybob: i have read the script before from that six science fiction plays .... got that in my local library as a matter of fact..which ususlly doesn't have anything butthe next star trek novel
OyVey: Ever had an experience where you NEEDED to write ?? Like you wake up.. and you just can't brush your teeht til you write?
Bishop^: Harlen... Do you listen to any music when you write? And if so what type (Rock, Classic, Jazz?)
naranek: I best be scrammin-bye all. Stay healthy HarlanE and keep up the good work.
Goetz: That must be it. I'm listening to the wrong music! That's why I'm not winning Hugos!
B5Jim: have fun scampering Naranek
Warvair: hey, and where do you scratch yourself when you get good ideas (sheesh!)
PhantomII: erm...wher else can you meet ppl from all over the world without the expense of actually going there (I have traveled quite extensively BTW)
HarlanE: The questions are coming in so fast--and as you know, I don't own or use a PC, so I'm struggling a bit to keep up here--even though I type 120 words a minute--and I'll go back and answer the earlier stuff, if you don't mind. So hold the crap for A FEW MINUTES, S'IL VOUS PLAIT.
Goetz: Sorry, Bishop... All this bellicosity is rubbing off on me. :)
Billybob: will do..
Noxturne: Holding on to my crap.
blasko: Harlan: has anyone ever approached you about doing a Night Gallery type series of your short stories? You`d make a great host. Maybe on The SCIFI channel.
PhantomII: yes sir your bellicoseness sir ;)
FaNg: hello
OyVey: uh oh
OyVey: can you say lag
Most: yawn....did he say 120 WPM?
Bishop^: ok Lag
Billybob: not lag oyvey...
B5Jim: no lag, just waiting for Harlan
OyVey: oh
HarlanE: To the person who cannot find my books, there is the HARLAN ELLISON RECORDING COLLECTION, that I started years ago to provide variorum readings of my work, by me, so the idiot academics couldn't reinterpret them. And HERC, as we call it, also sells my out-of-print books. We have many of them, that we sell at reasonable prices, mint comdition, not battered like used bookstore copies, and signed by me. Anyone interested ca
cd-rom: Hello
Noxturne: I'm joining the HERC tomorrow, in fact. I have to get paid, first.
cd-rom: Any "starts" here
OyVey: starts?
Noxturne: Thank you, anyway, Mr. Ellison.
HarlanE: THE HARLAN ELLISON RECORDING COLLECTION PO Box 55548 Sherman Oaks, California 91413 And send along a stamped self-addressed envelope. We are not a charity.
cd-rom: Stars
OyVey: OH
HarlanE: Yes, pinhead, I said 120 words per minute...and without typos on a real human being style typewriter. I make no claims for my sedulous nature here in cyberland.
OyVey: I guess harlan counts.. at least in his own mind
MrQ: Yeah, pick one.
Noxturne: i'd say he is, Oyvey.
Most: perhaps you could answer my question about a kosh replacement then?
MrQ: I've never used a real human being style typewriter. Mine are all foreign.
OyVey: Humor, nox.. humor
Billybob: what are you favorite currently runing comic wrote in the "city" book that 'foxtrot' is one of them....
Bishop^: I wish they keep 'Sandman' running.
B5Jim: la la la
Noxturne: Oyvey, I figured that, just getting defensive.
Billybob: sandman is a comic book....not a comic strip
Billybob: big difference
Bishop^: I still wish they keep it running
HarlanE: No, Other Pinhead, I don't count the wordage in my any professional can tell you, the eway we do it is this: each 8and a half inch by eleven inch page of script will hold approximately 250-260 words in pica type (more in elite) and if you have four pages, that makes 1000 words. Then you multiply that by every unit of four pages to get what you have written. And when you have some smartass who doubts you type 120
Astaroth: Mr Ellison, I know that White Wolf is in serious financial trouble. Will this affect their book line and your reprints?
Noxturne: Astaroth: Is it ? I didn't know that.
B5Jim: I take it Harlan doesn't like pinheads
Billybob: i had not heard white wolf was in trouble ..are you sure?
OyVey: he prollly dont' do well with pencil neck geeks either
MrQ: I think it's a facade. He's a member of their secret society.
B5Jim: * waits to hear a B5 anecdote from Harlan :) *
Goetz: I've got a bellicose question for you, Mr. Ellison. When I look over the list of Nebula-award winners, it's the same people over and over again. You're at the top of the list, with, what, "nine and a half" nebulas? So, I'll ask you:
Astaroth: Are you kidding? they cancelled their magazine, wiped out a whole slew of gaming projects and are re-organizing. (They WAY over-invested in the Jihad card game and lost)
Billybob: re-organising does not nessessarily mean "in trouble".....
Noxturne: Teh way we buy White wolf stuff, I'd think we put them in serious bucks.
HarlanE: Astaroth, dahlink, if White Wolf is having "financial difficultkies" then a lot of people are in trouble. In fact, there are "difficulties" and there are DIFFICULTIES. At the moment White Woldf has "difficulties." I presume everything will straighten out. At least, I speak to the head of the company, Stuart Wieck, every week...and I know what their state of exchequer is. So take it easy. We're in no trouble at the mom
Goetz: Are these people really that good, or is science fiction dominated by a group of good-old-boys? I mean, people don't win 2 or 3 Pulitzers or Nobels in physics.
Warvair: Wow, everyone has a comment... about everything.... hmm where WW's profit/loss spreadsheet... I knew I had it here somewhere.
Billybob: i know i buy a buch of white wolf stuff..the moorcock books especially...
mute: I like that they're reprinting a lot of otherwise hard-to-find stories and stuff...
Billybob: and yes, mr ellison,,i suck as a typist.... :)
Noxturne: Goetz, I'd say the people were that good. Did you ever read the Nebula award winner books ? All the winning stories have been fantastic.
NONE: Is this what a chat room is like? No wonder I avoid them.
OyVey: * does not suck unless yer really cute heh *
Astaroth: Yes, lets cut the comments and listen to the man speak (forgive me my trespasses)
kiith: none: this is a VERY badly organised chat room. A discussion like this should have been moderated. This way every one, including our guest, is just getting pissed off!
HarlanE: I'm gonna wind down soon, in fact almost immediately, because4 I've got a book signing for SLIPPAGE , as I said earlier; and it happens in 15 minutes, and frankly, I'd like to take a whiz before I have to sit for two hours signing and answering dumb questions--unlike the WISE, WONDERFUL, INTELLIGENT, INFORMED and best of all POLITE questions you all have proffered here today. Stay well, stop smoking, don't eat McDonald's To
HarlanE: So long.
Billybob: bye....
B5Jim: Bye Harlan
Calanthe: So long Harlan.
Goetz: Bye!
B5Jim: Have fun!!!
PhantomII: Bye Mr. E
NONE: Thank You
Astaroth: goodbye harlan, hope to see you in the flesh someday.
MrQ: bye
kiith: bye harlan
listy: bye,Harlan
Toozday: Thanks for stopping by Harlan. It was really something.
Warvair: hey let's all say goodbye (not to be rude)
Noxturne: Thank you, Mr. Ellison. I hope to meet you someday.
OyVey: calssic harlan
Calanthe: * reels from the sarcasm in Harlan's closing remarks... *
kiith: thank you very much
Bumpy: bye
B5Jim: See ya
B5Jim: Be seeing you
MrQ: ACTION: I definitely need a drink.
PhantomII: glad to see I'm not the only one bellicose in the world *grin*
Noxturne: Sarcasm washes off of Nox's back like water off a duck.
Calanthe: l8r all
Most: Bye---from the "pinheads @ scifi" hahaha
OyVey: If I hadn't had an interview to do in the middle it might a been fun
Goetz: Yes, Noxturne, the Nebula stories are excellent. I read every one. But there could be a lot of good work out there that never makes the ballot because it's not written by the right people. That's what I was trying to ask about.
Dominion: Pat Murphy will be here in 2 hours. Hope you'll be around!!
Dominion: Thanks for coming.
Toozday: Dom: Not a problem.
OyVey: Maybe the nominating process is skewed, re nebula
kiith: bye...Thanks again :)
Bishop^: Fun guys... I can see why he has never won a popularity contest.
MrQ: B5Jim: What'd you think?
listy: Who's Pat Murphy?
NONE: is ther a way to get transcripts of the chat sessions?
OyVey: He is ALWAYS like that. it's hsi trademark
Bishop^: Yes
MrQ: Press the print key.
Goetz: I'd have to make one exception, though: the short story winner in, what 1994, was "The Man who Rowed Christopher Columbus Ashore", by... Harlan Ellison! And I thought it was a horrible story. That's one reason I asked him that question.
Most: turn on capture
Bishop^: I know. I just wish he could have been nicer.
Noxturne: Goetz: You didn't like that story ? Whyfor ?
NONE: how about a transcript from one we miss?
B5Jim: Think about what?
OyVey: why should he be nicer? it wouldn't be "him"
B5Jim: Lets Run down what we learned now.....
Most: buy all
Buc: Did anyone save the whole discussion from the beginning??
kiith: bye all!
B5Jim: Harlan won't be writing anything about B5
Noxturne: Nicer ? have you ever read anything by Harlan Ellison ? *grin*
HomerSimp: It's Harlan Ellison's nature not to be nice in public to fandom.
Goetz: It didn't have any purpose. It was a cute idea, but not much idea, no comprehensible characters, no purpose to the whole thing. And written in a disjointed artsy style that bugged me.
B5Jim: Harlan doesn't like pinheads
MrQ: True.
B5Jim: Harlan had to go to the bathroom
thomas: Check out Webderland they usually keep good transcipts of Harlan Ellison's discussions.
OyVey: harlan RAELLY doen'st like pinheads
HomerSimp: In some sense, I think Harlan would have appreciated it had everyone read a Harlan Ellison faq prior to asking questions. :-)
MrQ: I'm still holding my crap, why can't he hold his?
Astaroth: I'm sure the gentleman who runs the Ellison Webderland Web page will have the full transcript printed out there in a matter of days. He's probably still here. (hello)
Noxturne: I've heard from several different people that he is nice, and from others that he's a total jerk. So far, he seems to have the same attitude as me, with a shorter temper.
mute: Anyway, goodbye, fellow Ellison abusees...
Goetz: <chuckle>
OyVey: Had an isntructor who told me a harlan story... he yelled at her for asking "stupid" questions.. she is a pro.. he's just a putz
Noxturne: I don't think he's bad, in other words.
HomerSimp: Hey at least no one asked Harlan Ellison about that collection of short stories he's supposedly editing...fandom is making progress.
MrQ: He's a person who does his own thing and to hell with what anyone thinks. That can be admirable. But you shouldn't piss on the people who put you there.
Noxturne: What stupid question did she ask ? Harlan always, always, always, gets pissed when people ask about Last Dangerous Visions, and yet, people constantly ask about it.
Astaroth: He has a short temper with people that ask him "stupid" questions (not stupid to us but redndant to him who has heard them a thousand times. I noticed he answered almost all my questions Immediatly. He even called me dear! (gosh) :)
OyVey: I don't think he's "bad" I LIKE the putz persona
OyVey: makes for great stuff to write about the guy
worldcon: Actually, someone did bring up "Last Dangerous Visions." The question got lost along with lots of others.
Noxturne: I saw it there.
Noxturne: I was glad he ignored it, I wanted to hear him answer questions, not spew vitriole for hours on end.
worldcon: I've read that he generally just ignores the question rather than spewing.
OyVey: I just came to watch teh show actaully..
Noxturne: No, in one chat session, he tore into someone.
Astaroth: they must have really made a target of themselves to acheive that.